MyWorldGo Professional Test & Tag Services For Optimal Electrical Safety

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  • Posted On : May 19, 2023
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  • Description : At ServiceCorp, we offer Electrical Appliance Testing and Tagging for the safety of your office staff, customers and contractors. We also provide our services before or after the weekend. Request for a free quote today! Call us at 1300929791 for more details!


  • Test And Tag Adelaide offer a no-fuss, streamlined approach and efficient testing, and we also know that having a reliable difficulty and tag company is extremely important, so we offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Our team has worked in the industry for many years and is the expert in fire & electrical testing and tagging. Our staff has worked with some of Australia's largest businesses, government bodies, schools, and organizations. These organizations trust us & continue to use us because integrity is important to us & we offer quality service with excellent customer service.
    • At ServiceCorp | Test and Tagging, we are a highly motivated team that strives to have the best customer service in the industry.
    • At ServiceCorp | Test and Tagging, our technicians are well informed/prepared for every job they attend.
    • After completing your testing, our Admin team will create a full report for your records.
    Finding a Test & Tag Adelaide company, doing site inductions, ensuring the work is done correctly & making sure they notify you the next time your testing is due. There a many steps to the test and tag process. This isn't something you want to do every 1-2 years
    • 100% Customer Guarantee
    • Uniformed Technicians
    • Provide a Certificate of Compliance
    • Cost Effective Solution
    • Offer Multiple Services (save on minimum charges)
    • Friendly flexible staff
    • Full Reporting on every item tested
    • Failed item report
    Test and Tagging are done through the following process:
    1. Visually inspecting the item
    2. Electronically testing the item
    3. Tagging (labeling the item)
    4. Recording the thing & its test results
    Any business, government body, or school must have an electrical safety program. Test and Tag is the most used solution for this. This is because with testing and tagging, every electrical item with be inspected and electronically tested, assign an individual asset number to the article & will produce an electrical report on:
    • Item location
    • Description of the item
    • Whether the item passed or failed.
    Test and Tag will also provide you with a certificate of compliance, so if you are ever audited or need it for insurance reasons, you can prove you have been getting an electrical test and Tag done.
    Appliance testing and tagging are essential to any business legislation compliance obligations. ServiceCorp - Test and Tag come to your place of business and conduct testing. We specialize in ensuring little to no disruption to your business.