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  • House upgrades are some of the most rewarding things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's all just about achieving that dream-like, perfect 5-star island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    To get through to the ultimate house, players should rake up plenty of bells to each loan to Tom Nook. With different house upgrades hanging around, that is by no means an uncomplicated task to do. You need to prepare ACNH Bells and items to complete the construction task. But after it, the rewards are very worth the effort. Here are three house upgrades and just how much they're worth.

    Starter House - 98,000 Bells. The primary major upgrade for you is to move from having a simple tent to actually creating a proper house. This is a significant upgrade, which costs 98,000 bells. Not only does the appearance of their home change, in addition, but they also get a space upgrade. The new size of their residence is 36 squares, and players can put items within the wall too. The storage is unlocked, too, that gives 80 storage slots.

    First Floor - 198,000 Bells. The original residence is small in space compared to what's eventually up for grabs for the gamer. Due to this, Tom Nook proposes to first expand the actual size on the first floor inside the third house upgrade. This costs 198,000 bells and basically nearly doubles the space of the initial floor. Players can have 64 squares of open space to furnish, also as a total of 120 storage slots to set their expanding inventory into.

    Second Floor - 1,248,000 Bells. The number of bells required is relatively large. If you want to complete this task but do not have enough bells, I suggest you go to the website to Buy ACNH Bells. There are many bells and items for sale on the website I mentioned in the last paragraph. Once the floor has become expanded with three rooms, only two more upgrades remain. The first one of which Tom Nook suggests is a second floor, that could introduce a stairway for the entrance of the property through which the surrounding can be accessed. The second floor is shaped differently than the soil floor, and won't be standard sized such as other rooms. It has 60 squares and is particularly shaped like a 6 by 10 room. It costs 1,248,000 bells to settle, all of which will expand the storage to 800 open slots. is a platform that provides ticket transactions. Our website provides players with the most stable resources. If you are visiting our website for the first time and do not have enough confidence in our website, then it is recommended that you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.