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  • Posted On : Nov 12, 2020
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  • Description : After rather a task search, I couldn't believe that I obtained the task to operate at the professional event firm that would certainly supervise of Jay Chou's year-end performance.


  • " Hi, is this Rachael?"

    " Yes, I'm Rachael."

    " This is Sebastian from J Events. Are you offered to begin work next Monday? This has to do with your application as an audio engineer and also assistant occasions organizer for the Jay Chou performance."

    " Yes! Yes, I am!"

    " I'll message you the address later on, see you!"

    I screeched and jumped for joy. After rather a task search, I couldn't believe that I obtained the task to operate at the professional event firm that would certainly supervise of Jay Chou's year-end performance.

    On Sunday night, I prepared my work outfit as well as bag. It's certainly mosting likely to be a knowing journey, I informed myself, as I climbed up right into bed as well as fell asleep.

    On Monday, I jumped out of bed as soon as my alarm called. When I reached the workplace, I waited at the door as well as hummed the doorbell.

    No solution. I attempted once more, and also again.

    Oh no, what happens if I went to the wrong location ... I started to stress, when a voice showed up behind me.

    " Hey, are you Rachael?"

    I turned around to see a delicately clothed individual that was absent at the meeting.

    " Yea, and you ... are?" I heaved a sigh of relief, it was the right place afterall.

    " I'm Jeff, owner here at J Events! Sorry, we had a late night event this past weekend, so we're a little late to function this morning. You'll soon see just how vibrant working at an event company in Singapore is. Working hours are never regular!" Jeff quipped as he opened up the office door with a fingerprint.

    He welcomed me in, and informed me to help myself to the drinks in the fridge.

    " So, Rachael, inform me extra concerning why you're right here!"

    I drank on the lemon tea, and also removed my throat. Jeff appears quite pleasant.

    " I like Jay Chou's songs significantly! And also I discovered sound design in poly. I think I'll be able to learn a lot at an event firm."

    " Oh! Have you been to his performances in the past?"

    " Yea, I have!"

    " What's your preferred part of the show?"

    " Definitely the songs and also the ambience! I'm additionally amazed of exactly how smooth the entire experience is. I actually can't wait to be part of his end of year performance!"

    " Yea, so you'll be operating in the sound engineering group as a younger noise designer. But we desire you aboard as an assistant events planner too. On the day of the show itself, we desire you to be with the audio design group. So for the planning part, you'll deal with your manager leading up to the event."

    " Cool, yet that sounds like a fair bit of job though!"

    " Don't stress, Michelle that is the events manager will lead you. Jake at the audio engineering group is likewise there if you require assistance! They ought to be being available in at any time soon ...".

    Jeff revealed me to my workdesk situated near some windows, and gave me a workplace excursion. As he was about to be done, a fashionably dressed lady and a bearded person walked through the door.

    The lady positioned her bag down as well as stalked me, presenting herself as Michelle, head of event preparation.

    " We'll require to go into a conference this mid-day. How's it been so far for you on your initial day at a specialist event business?" Michelle asked as we both strolled to the pantry together.

    " After you're done with Rachael, let me understand! We need her for her knowledge-- audio design! Oh yea, I'm Jake, head of the sound design team here!" Jake offered me a wave, and also advised Michelle.

    Well, it feels like my work below is going to be dynamic. Can't wait to read more concerning the 'behind the scenes event job'!