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  • Since Blizzcon is going the virtual route, there will be very noticeable changes in how the event is organized D2R ladder items. However, it will still retain the various key activities and exhibitions that have become major staples of BlizzCon in prior years. Blizzard will host the March of the Murlocs, though on a virtual scale where fans and attendants can submit their own footage or photos as a Murloc of their own design. The deadline for all of these activities is on January 4, 2021, with more information on the official BlizzCon website.

    Additionally, the developer showcase will offer announcements for Blizzard's upcoming video games, most likely including Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and developments regarding Diablo Immortal. The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, will already be out by then, but fans may get news about other patches. BlizzCon will also have the Community Showcase for cosplayers, artists, digital storytellers, and other talented individuals to show off their passions and skills for the world.

    With this announcement of BlizzCon Online, there’s still some uncertainty surrounding the event, which isn’t new to Blizzard . Fans and the developer itself were uncertain if BlizzCon would still happen in any reasonable capacity with the pandemic.

    No details have been revealed yet on how the event will be conducted or how fans can attend the virtual event itself, but it’s likely Blizzard will opt for digital passes as it's done in the past buy diablo II resurrected items. It’s clear that Blizzard is still determined to deliver the BlizzCon experience to its fans by adapting to current global circumstances and turning it into a virtual event.