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  • Posted On : Nov 29, 2020
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  • There are several ways to get a healthy smile. While maintaining the health of your teeth requires regular office visits, brushing, and flossing, some aspects like appearance aren't always that simple. Many people are born with defects or imperfections they don't like about their smiles. It could be an irregular tooth, gaps, crookedness, and much more. Those that aren't thrilled with their smiles do have options. 

    Porcelain veneers have been used in the dental field for decades. This is an advanced method for covering the fronts of the teeth with a thin wafer-like material, like porcelain, to hide all imperfections. Let's go over the must-know information about veneers. 

    Types Of Problems Solved WIth Veneers

    Veneers can solve many problems with regard to the aesthetic of a patient's smile. From gaps to regular shapes, this cosmetic procedure is widely accepted as the best method for visual enhancements. In addition to fixing problems like gaps, shapes, alignment, and chips, veneers also provide a brighter, whiter look. Veneers can combine the best of all cosmetic procedures into one, giving patients a beautiful look and a shorter amount of time.

    Are Veneers Covered By Insurance

    One of the most common themes of dental insurance is the exclusion of most cosmetic dentistry procedures. Typically anything that a patient requests that has no bearing on their oral health will fall into cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist may make repairs keeping in mind aesthetics, but this isn't the same as full cosmetic procedures like veneers. There is a loophole for the insurance game. Veneers may be considered a restoration, in which case it may be covered. 

    Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options Available

    If veneers aren't right for you or your budget, there are other cosmetic procedures available that can do similar effects. For example, the whiter smile you can receive with veneers can also be done with professional teeth whitening. You must remember that veneers are considered not reversible. If one fell off, you would need to have it replaced. This is because your dentist will likely need to shave down the front of your teeth for better application and a seamless finish.

    The first step at establishing whether veneers are right for you is talking with your dentist. By discussing your dental goals, you might find that there are other solutions available. However, veneers are one of the best ways to get a gorgeous smile. Depending on your budget, insurance, and other factors, veneers might or might not be right for you. Open a dialogue with your dentists to find out more.