MyWorldGo Landscaping Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Big Island Property Picture-Perfect

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  • Posted On : Aug 23, 2023
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  • Description : Hawaii Landscaping is a landscaping service in Kona that makes it easier than ever to have the beautiful yard your home deserves. We have the Big Island’s best landscape design, installation and maintenance services to beautify your property. Working with us is a refreshing experience because few landscapers in Kailua-Kona can match us for customer service and satisfaction.


  • Picture your dream home on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. You've finally achieved owning a perfect piece of paradise, but now, it's time to amp up your landscape game. Enter Hawaii Landscaping, your one-stop-shop for all your landscaping needs, including computer-generated landscape designs. But hold on, we've got incredible tips and tricks to share with you before diving into a complete landscape makeover.

    First off, let's debunk a popular myth. Many homeowners believe once their landscape is in place, the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy their lush, tropical oasis. So not true! Regular maintenance is key to keeping your property looking its best. It's about more than just aesthetics, though. The best landscapersHawaii has to offer know that proper maintenance also prevents costly repairs down the line.

    One essential piece of the maintenance puzzle is pruning. It's crucial for your plants' health and appearance. Overgrowth can lead to poor air circulation, causing an increase in pests and diseases. No one wants that! So, grab those shears or loppers and get to work. Remember to always make clean, angled cuts above a healthy, outward-facing bud or lateral branch. And never, ever remove more than one-third of a plant at a time!

    Next up: Irrigation. You live in a tropical paradise, so there's plenty of rain, right? Wrong. Big Island weather is as diverse as its landscape, which means some areas receive more rain than others. To ensure your plants receive the proper amount of water they need, you must invest in an efficient irrigation system. Drip irrigation and soaker hoses are great options. Not only do they conserve water, but they also reduce the risk of disease by directly watering the roots—not the foliage.

    Now, let's address the elephant in the yard—fertilization. Feeding your plants is a delicate balance. Done correctly, it promotes growth and maintains overall health. But over-fertilization can be detrimental to your plants and the environment. Experts suggest performing a soil test before using any fertilizer. This allows you to choose the right product with the proper nutrients needed. Always follow package instructions and, when in doubt, less is more.

    Finally, mulch! It's your secret weapon in the fight against weeds and soil erosion. Apply a 2-3 inch layer of organic material, such as wood chips, around your plants, but avoid piling it against their stems. This creates a protective barrier, locks in moisture, and keeps the soil temperature stable. As a bonus, it adds a polished appearance to your landscape.

    Your Big Island property deserves the best care possible, but if it all seems daunting or time-consuming, don't sweat it! Remember, Hawaii Landscaping is here to help. Our talented crew specializes in computer-generated landscape designs and can manage your landscaping needs so you can focus on enjoying paradise. If you're ready for a picture-perfect yard, don't hesitate to contact Hawaii Landscaping today. Your dream landscape awaits!

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