MyWorldGo An Insight into 8 Leading AOAC Methods Testing Labs

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  • Posted By : Stephen Curry
  • Posted On : Sep 02, 2023
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  • Description : In today's world, science is increasingly crucial. Accurate testing methods are now more important than ever.


  • In today's world, science is increasingly crucial. Accurate testing methods are now more important than ever. AOAC methods from the best testing laboratories in India are highly regarded. They are used in many different businesses. They give results that can be believed.

    The blog piece examines eight AOAC methods testing labs. These labs have set the standard for success in food, drugs, crops, and makeup. These labs meet strict standards. They ensure that products are safe. They also ensure that products work well. Additionally, they ensure that products are of good quality. They are important for the industry's testing procedures.

    1. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Thermo Fisher Scientific is a renowned global name in the field of AOAC methods testing labs. They offer an extensive range of services. These includes food testing laboratories, chemical testing lab services, and pharmaceutical products testing labs. With a focus on safety and accuracy, they are a trusted resource in the testing community.


    2. Eurofins Scientific

    Eurofins Scientific stands out with its extensive network of labs worldwide. They are known for their state-of-the-art testing equipment for electrical and biocompatibility tests for medical devices. Being an AOAC methods testing lab, Eurofins is equipped with top-notch technology. It helps to ensure accurate and reliable testing results.

    3. SGS Labs

    SGS Labs has an exceptional global presence and offers diversified testing services. Their accredited USFDA approved testing labs and FSSAI approved testing labs ensure strict compliance with all safety and quality regulations. Their services are well-utilized in agriculture testing labs, and cosmetic product testing labs. Further, they are even used in water quality testing labs.

    4. Intertek

    Intertek is a leader in quality assurance and risk management. It provides comprehensive services. It includes packaging testing, chemical test for water, and other specialty testing services. Their adherence to AOAC methods gives them an edge in providing credible testing services.

    5. ALS Global

    ALS Global is a world leader in the general testing sector. They are a well-reputed AOAC methods testing lab, offering services to diverse sectors. It mostly includes:

      • agriculture laboratories,
      • food testing laboratories,
      • medicine testing laboratories.

    6. Merieux NutriSciences

    Merieux NutriSciences specializes in food safety and quality. It operates as a nutraceuticals laboratory and one of the AOAC-accredited food testing laboratories. Hence, it provides reliable and efficient services to ensure consumer safety.

    7. NSF International

    NSF International's services include:

      • water quality testing,
      • pharmaceutical testing laboratory services,
      • cosmetic and personal care product testing.

    As an AOAC accredited lab, NSF assures quality and safety across various industries.

    8. Bureau Veritas

    Bureau Veritas operates globally in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) sector. Their services span across numerous fields such as packaging testing, sterility testing of pharmaceutical products, and pharmacopeial methods testing labs. Bureau Veritas' adherence to AOAC methods solidifies its position in the testing industry.


    Accredited and trusted testing labs are crucial in our globalized world. Their importance cannot be overstated. The laboratories listed above have proven their reliability and quality of services. They operate within AOAC's internationally recognized methods. These labs cover various industries. They range from food safety to pharmaceuticals. All of them are leaders in their respective domains.

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