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  • Posted On : Dec 27, 2018
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  •  NOT universally useful, by your personal design: Both a Kaom's plus a Shav's are rather nice drops, (even post-3.0, when nerfs made Shav's lose a great deal of worth) but one cannot simply say you are outright better than another.

      Because there's zero known to Buy POE Orbs viables builds that can have anything CLOSE to comparable use for both.

        If someone's playing a life-based RF build, they shall be excited to view the Kaom's drop, but do not have use for POE Items your Shav's.

     When they're in SSF and simply care about SSF, it's basically vendor fodder.

    Therefore, necessary, to the sake of being fair, which they need to ramp up the drops to pay for the indisputable fact that the bulk may have absolutely zero value for the player.