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  • Posted On : Oct 16, 2023
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  • So, you purchased an amazing forklift, or are still looking for used forklifts for sale. No matter what you’ll be thinking about the parts needed to keep it working like new. One of the most critical are the tires. Without tires, you won’t be getting very far. In this article, we review buying tires for your forklift and what you should know. It’s important that you get the right tires to get the best efficiency out of your machinery.


    Does Tire Brand Matter?


    Tire brand can indeed make a difference in the longevity and quality of your forklift's tires. Well-known and reputable tire manufacturers often produce high-quality tires that are specifically designed for forklift use. These tires are engineered to withstand the unique demands of material handling equipment.

    When selecting a tire brand, consider factors such as durability, load capacity, and the type of work your forklift will be performing. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from other forklift owners can also provide valuable insights into which brands are known for reliability.


    Cushion or Pneumatic


    Choosing between cushion and pneumatic tires depends on your specific application. Cushion tires are solid and made of a durable rubber compound, making them ideal for indoor use on smooth surfaces like concrete. They offer excellent stability and a smaller turning radius, making them suitable for tight spaces.

    On the other hand, pneumatic tires are filled with air and provide a cushioned ride, making them suitable for outdoor applications and rough terrain. They offer better traction and shock absorption, which can be crucial if your forklift operates on uneven surfaces.


    Consider the type of environment and surfaces your forklift will encounter to determine whether cushion or pneumatic tires are more suitable.


    Tire Style


    Tire style is the tread pattern and design of the tires. Depending on your needs, you can choose between smooth or traction tires. Smooth tires are suitable for indoor use and provide minimal rolling resistance, which can help conserve energy and reduce fuel consumption. Traction tires, with their deeper treads, offer improved grip and stability, making them ideal for outdoor and rough terrain applications.

    Again, consider your specific use case and environment when selecting the appropriate tire style for your forklift.


    Cost / Where To Shop


    Don’t overspend when it comes to tires. Look online for some good deals. If you have connections in your local area, that is also a great idea.


    Final Thoughts

    Buying tires will happen for just about any vehicle or machinery that uses them. At some point tread will wear down and they will need to be replaced. We hope that this article helped you identify some of the key things to look for when buying new tires.