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  • Posted By : Sidney Urbain
  • Posted On : Dec 04, 2020
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  • Description : There was a little spin on the tale though. The previous owners had been living happily in their home for some years, the husband suddenly died and the home had to be sold and this is the reason it came on the market and allowed our, I Want That House, friend to purchase it.


  • I am sure it was not her Intention to have something terrible Angelum Lucis Review happen to the inhabitants so that she could "Have" that house. I'm sure that if her Intention had been made Consciously it would have been more like "I Own A House Like That One" or at the very least she would have added her insurance policy statement - if it harms no-one. What I particularly like about using Intention in your life is that you can add real value to what you are doing, what you are dreaming about and to get really clear on what you want to happen.

    When I make an Intention statement I add something to the end of it that conveys my ethics and morality around what I am willing to accept in terms of this becoming my reality.For example I might add something like "This manifests for me now, in perfect harmony for the greatest good of all."This sentence tells the Universal Energy that I am willing to accept my Intention into my life IF it is for the greatest good.

    There is another way to use this kind of idea and that is more in relation to who you would like to become or how you would like to behave - rather than what you would like to have. To set an intention for your behaviour or attitude and link that to being for the Highest Good, is also a wonderful thing to do.