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  • Description : How to identify and select wood is the first problem encountered by beginners. Generally speaking, removing deadwood from wood can almost all be used for carving
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  • How to identify and select wood is the first problem encountered by beginners. Generally speaking, removing deadwood from wood can almost all be used for carving. The only difference is that some wood is light and soft and easy to engrave, some wood is hard and hard to engrave, some have a stronger texture, and some have a weaker texture. Hardwoods, such as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, rosewood, etc., are called hardwoods that are inherently tough, dense in texture, bright in color, strong in waxability, and smooth in cut. The most suitable for modeling is the works with complex structure, exquisitely carved, finely carved and branchy, and it is not easy to break and break during the production and preservation. It has a high collection value, but it is very laborious and time-consuming to carve . The hardwoods in the north include walnut, cypress, and dulwood. Although the types and colors of these three woods are different, they are harder in texture, not easy to deform, have high toughness, and have strong wax content. They can be carved into various types of works. They have high ornamental value and collection value, and are better than those in the north. Other wood species, artists of the past dynasties have regarded them as good materials for carving.
    Wooden craft materials include natural wood and artificial board.
    Natural wood is a handicraft made of naturally growing trees, tree roots, leaves, and branches.
    Artificial boards are crafts made of polyester boards, various plywoods, particle boards, etc.
    The wooden handicraft industry is characterized by strong plasticity, and can be made into products of different shapes and different processes and uses. There are wooden pen holders, wooden bookmark U disks, wooden pen holders and other practical products, as well as ornamental products such as wooden ornaments.
    The production of wooden crafts is mainly in carving. Followed by furniture, lighting, ornaments, models, study rooms, utensils, pen holders, combs, screens, doors, coat racks, coffee tables, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, wine racks, craft paintings, Buddha statues, pendants, etc. .
    Wooden gifts, business gifts. There are a wide variety of refined wooden photo frames, vase series, high-end jewelry boxes, treasure collection boxes and various packaging box series. In addition to the above materials, the wooden crafts factory also uses mahogany, pine, fir, camphor, sandalwood/sandalwood, paulownia, rosewood, peach, maple, birch, elm, boxwood, nanmu, basswood, etc. The wooden handicraft factory uses all kinds of wood as the main raw material. There are machine-made, purely hand-made, semi-machine and semi-handmade, fine workmanship, simple design, different styles, natural colors, novel and unique styles, which are unique in China. Crafts. Let the beauty of wood become the beauty of art, the eternal beauty. Give people a very dynamic feeling.

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