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  • Description : Planning a holiday to Laos can feel overwhelming with all the things to consider for your packing list. Where do you even start? This guide is here to help make the process simple and ensure you pack smart for your Laos tours.
  • Location : Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Planning a holiday to Laos can feel overwhelming with all the things to consider for your packing list. Where do you even start? This guide is here to help make the process simple and ensure you pack smart for your Laos tours.

    1. Essential Items for Laos Tours

    • Passport: Valid for at least 6 months with blank visa pages
    • Visa: Check if you need a visa for Laos and apply ahead if needed
    • Tickets: Printed flight tickets to and from Laos plus boarding passes
    • Insurance: Get comprehensive travel insurance covering medical, trip cancellation, etc.
    • Cash: Bring some USD, THB, or CNY for emergencies or areas without ATMs. Small bills are best. You can also withdraw cash locally from ATMs.

    Those are the key documents and items you'll need for Laos tours. Remember to always keep your passport, tickets, and some cash separate from your main bags. Up next we'll look at recommended clothing to pack.

    2. Clothing

    • Clothing for Women: Light shirts or tops (3-4), Shorts/skirts (2-3), Trousers/leggings (1), Swimwear (2 pieces), Undergarments (5-7 pairs), Light scarf/sarong, Comfortable shoes
    • Clothing for Men: T-shirts (3-5), Shorts (2-3 pairs), Trousers (1 pair), Undergarments (5-7 pairs), Light scarf/sarong, Comfortable shoes
    • Extra Clothing for Motorbike Trips: Long trousers or pants, Face mask, Gloves (optional)
    • Extra Clothing for Traveling with Kids: Extra sets of clothes, Raincoat or poncho, Layered options, Comfortable closed-toe shoes, Hat

    Be sure to pack minimally and in lightweight, quick-drying fabrics. Layering is also a good strategy to adjust to Laos' warm climate. This coverage should suffice for most travelers.

    3. Accessories

    • Packing Accessories: Packing cubes/compressible bags, Laundry bags, Dry bags
    • Accessories for Motorbike Trips: Sunglasses, Phone mount, First aid kit
    • Accessories for Safety: Money belt or waist pouch, Headlamp/flashlight, Padlock, Ziploc bags, Sun protection
    • Other Important Accessories: Water bottle, Umbrella/poncho, Daypack, Camera, Power bank, Earphones, Notebook/journal, Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen

    Be sure to pack accessories for your specific activities and needs, but strive to keep the basics light. Compression bags help maximize space. That wraps up essential clothing and accessories for your Laos tour packing list. Next, we'll cover toiletries.

    4. Toiletries

    • Toiletries for Women: Shampoo/conditioner, Soap/body wash, Toothbrush/paste, Deodorant, Menstrual products, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Basic medicine
    • Toiletries for Men: Shampoo, Soap/body wash, Toothbrush/paste, Deodorant, Shaving supplies, Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Basic medicine

    Pack light samples of anything you can easily buy in Laos. Prescriptions, contact lenses, and specialized products are best to bring from home. Avoid liquids by using travel/hotel-size bottles. This covers the basics - you're now ready for any toiletries needed while traveling in Laos! Up next is health essentials.

    5. Travel Health & Medical Supplies

    • Personal Medications: Bring enough of any prescription medications you take regularly. Pack them in your carry-on bag.
    • Prescription Backups: Consider bringing extra supplies or prescriptions in case your trip is extended unexpectedly.
    • First Aid Kit - essentials to include: Adhesive bandages (various sizes), Sterile gauze pads, Antibiotic ointment (Neosporin), Hydrocortisone cream, Antiseptic wipes (Betadine), Antiseptic spray (Dettol), Elastic wrapping bandage, Medical tape, Pain/fever medication (Tylenol, Advil), Anti-diarrhea pills (Immodium), Antihistamine pills, Antacid tablets (Tums), Cold medication, First aid handbook

    This covers the basic medical supplies to pack for your holidays in Laos. Be sure to consult your doctor or travel clinic for any recommended immunizations as well.

    6. Electronics & Gadgets

    • Electronics: Smartphone, Camera, Laptop (optional), Phone/laptop charging cables, International power adapter, Portable charger
    • Communication: eSIM/SIM card for local data (research compatibility), WiFi hotspot (optional)
    • Memory Cards: SD cards for photos/videos, USB drives for backups
    • Add-ons: Bluetooth headphones/speaker, Selfie stick, Tripod, Headphones, Kindle/e-reader, Travel adaptors & converters

    Try to pack lightweight, versatile gadgets that won't take up much space in your bag. Charge devices fully before flights. Consider a portable WiFi hotspot if relying on your phone alone.

    Always keep one receipt/charger separate from your bag in case of issues. Back up photos regularly. Your electronics should be all set for documenting your amazing travels in Laos!

    7. What Not to Pack

    • Fragile or valuable items
    • Too many electronics
    • Scissors or sharp items in carry-on
    • Liquids over 100ml on plane
    • Large camera equipment
    • Prescription drugs without original container
    • Bulky suitcases that don't fit overhead bins
    • More shoes than you need
    • Clunky or heavy accessories
    • Non-essentials just take up space

    The key is to pack light and minimize things that could break, exceed airport limits, or simply take up space without being useful. Focus on only the essential clothing, electronics, and toiletries you'll need. This allows your bag to remain light and portable for hassle-free travels in Southeast Asia. Follow these guidelines to avoid unnecessary weight in your luggage.

    By following the provided packing guidelines and tips, you'll be well prepared to experience the cultural riches and natural beauty of Laos in lightweight comfort. Safe travels!

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