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  • As we continue our streamer interview series, we took a second to get to recognise one in our long-time streamers, Ghazzy! He's most noted for his build guide creations with the POE Currency exceptional focus on summoner style builds!

    Hi Ghazzy, thank you when planning on taking part inside the interview! Please introduce yourself.
    Hey! Thanks for having me, Bex! I'm a 27 year-old Swedish part-time streamer looking for going full-time in doing what I love probably the most. I'm currently moving into Helsingborg, Sweden.

    How long do you think you're streaming for? How have you get in it?
    4-5 years now. I got in it after playing tournaments for just a team called GPG last Dota 2 within the A-Series. A teammate was streaming lots and laughed and said I should test it out for. I eventually did but during that time I was working in a full-time job and slipped to my roots of playing ARPG games that's always been something I always came back in play regardless of else I was playing. I instantly fell fond of helping others reach their dreams in games which explains why my main focus has become on creating guides along with general being as helpful as I is usually!

    What can people expect out of your stream? What kind of schedule would you follow?
    Due not to being a full-time streamer, I'm working twice per week and have a very wonderful girlfriend who makes what I do possible. I currently stream 4x a week which I post inside my discord weekly. Usually the sessions last between 8-20 hours and whenever feasible I stream 5-7 days each week depending on work and my girlfriend's time-table.

    How and when have you find out about Path of Exile?
    About four years ago, I was streaming and playing Diablo 3 and I was complaining about how exactly bad summoner builds were in the past. A friend said to look into Path of Exile and persuaded me with all the simple sentence, "Summoners are viable, man! You're gonna find it irresistible.", therefore I did.

    What was the instant that got you hooked within the game?
    1,500 deaths on my small first character, a small life build which had less than 2,000 Energy Shield, I realised a tad slowly this game is exceedingly complex and incredibly spoke in my opinion. I've always strived to do the best I can in games and Path of Exile provided one with the hardest challenges which I'm so very happy to have accepted.

    What would be the top highlights from a time streaming Path of Exile?
    World first Uber Atziri kill being a classic summoner. This was long ago before Ascendancy classes were a thing plus the word "summoner" was never within the same sentence as "Quality of Life". This also included 15 minute resummoning within your minions whenever one big zombie died. Not to mention the Grace buff not taking care of minions which made getting back in the fight after dying near impossible. I did this consistently to get a few major patches till I decided to skip playing Standard and begin my Hardcore temp league RIPs ;)

    Another few big highlights to me were the few times I been able to make the perfect time to actually race which I'd wish to have more time for you to do but died at Rank 1 of my Ascendancy Class around level 90. This has happened thrice and each and every time I've been so thrilled to have been part with the race scene, as it were. By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap POE Orbs, stay tuned for more at mmoah.