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  • Description : Advantages Of Plastic Fiber In Fiber Optic Splice Closure
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  • Advantages Of Plastic Fiber In Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    As is well known, Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a continuous protection device that provides optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent cables, and its performance is closely related to fiber materials.

    Plastic optical fiber (POF) (or polymer fiber) is an optical fiber made of a polymer. Similar to bottle fiber, POF is transmitted through the amount of fiber (beam or data). Its advantages in bottle products add to the same aspect, its robustness under bending and stretching.

    Conventionally, PMMA (acrylic acid) contains an amount (96% of the cantankerous region in a fiber having a diameter of 1 mm), and the fluorinated polymer is a coating material. Since the 1990s, the rich University Achievements Gradient Index (GI-POF) fiber based on bag fluoropolymer (poly(perfluorobutenyl vinyl ether), CYTOP [1]) has appeared on the market. Amorphous. [2] [3] Polymeric fiber is an adjustment of the business of the dummy device extrusion, which is not conducive to bottle fiber adaptation.

    The number of man-made fibers (POF) in the Accelerated Short-Range Proposal Manual is the same as that of a balanced cable. The manual bandwidth is up to several thousand GHz and the hearing is 100 meters. The connection is simple, the flexibility is acceptable, the bending is simple, and the advantages are added. Although the accepted arrangement achievements are still in the original date of analysis or application, it cannot abandon its role in communication close to the abbreviated range, from the quantitative and performance advantages, the authority it has sufficient to expect in the fiber arrangement of the FTTH application .

    Compared with quartz fiber, POF has the following advantages: low modulus, sufficient aperture (0.3-1.0mm), simple POF connector can be used for splicing, even if the 30μm aberration caused by fiber splicing center alignment does not affect the coupling loss; After destruction (approximately NA0.5), accepting glaring curves up to 60°, quartz fiber bending only 16°, available LEDs, top coupling efficiency; flexibility, ease of completion and use; within the scope of the arrest light Low accident window; light weight; low quantity and low processing cost.


    Compared with the manual medium added in the local area network (LAN) system, the POF arrangement also has the following advantages: the POF is not sensitive to electromagnetic interference, no radiation, the change rate of the wear connection is changed, the amount of waste is predictable, and it can adapt to the electrical open environment; Long, can reduce the altruistic advantage of collective design, so reduce the net.

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