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  • Description : The task of choosing the perfect engagement ring is a milestone event. It not only symbolises love and commitment, but also is a piece of jewellery that meant to last for lifetime.
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  • The task of choosing the perfect engagement ring is a milestone event. It not only symbolises love and commitment, but also is a piece of jewellery that meant to last for lifetime. Considering different factors starting from the cuts of the diamond to the style of the ring, the process tends to be overwhelming and exhilarating.

    In this article, we will provide comprehensive guide for you to choose the Perfect Custom engagement rings in Calgary, AB for your dream engagement event.

    Understanding The 4C’s

    For selecting a diamond wedding ring, it is important to understand the 4Cs which is a set of four essential characteristics that are used to grade the quality of the diamonds. The 4 Cs will be discussed here:

    • Cut: It determines the shape of the diamond. The major popular cuts that are available in the market are oval, round, emerald, solitaire, and princess. There are different cuts that are available for engagement rings in Calgary.

    • Colour: Selecting a natural coloured diamond for the engagement rings signifies the lack of colour of the diamond. Colourless diamonds are considered to be rare and have a certain value other than any coloured diamond.

    • Clarity: The natural inclusions of the diamonds that are already present inside a diamond determine the clarity of the diamond with an increased market value. Natural and pure diamonds doesn’t have any sort of inclusions in their structure, which is why these are considered as the priceless element of the earth.

    • Carat Weight: The carat weight is the crucial characteristics of the diamonds as it refers to its sizes. The size or carat weight of the diamond of the wedding rings depends on several factors like budget and personal tastes.

    Exploring Different Ring Settings

    After selecting the diamond for the rings, it is important to select the perfect engagement bands to set the diamond. The ring settings are broadly classified in three different settings that are available in many provinces of the world. The three designs will be discussed here in detail.

    • Prong: This refers to the affixation of the diamond in the ring. These are basically small pieces of metal that curve over the diamond to hold it in the proper position on the ring. This allows the visual appearance of the majority of the jewels including providing a secured position of the diamond on the ring.

    • Bezel: This setting is implicated by using a metal rim or collar to surround the stone holding it in the proper position. The bezel is the most secured form of positioning the stones as the prongs can get thinner with time. But on the contrary with the prong it doesn’t provide any elegant look of the stone due to the single attachment of the metal rod.

    • Halo: This setting describes the setting up small sized diamonds around the larger and main diamond on the ring. This is a unique design and it creates an illusion of a larger diamond due to the presence of smaller diamonds in the vicinity. This is considered to be more efficient in a budget-friendly approach. It can be executed by mounting a larger diamond within the perimeter of smaller diamonds in the engagement rings in Calgary.


    Apart from all these factors, it is important to consider the budgets that are required for the customisation of the engagement rings. The custom engagement rings in Calgary provide all these ring settings as per the requirement and personal tastes of the customers.

    Other than the designs and settings, they must choose the diamonds as per their authentic quality and proper carat weight within the budget. Opting for the budget-friendly settings for designing the engagement rings will help to design an attractive wedding ring for engagement purposes.

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