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  • Posted By : Maya Patil
  • Posted On : Dec 09, 2020
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  • Description : CISM certification is provided to the individuals by the ISACA®.
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  • It is considered a widely famous certification available across the world, mainly for the field of security management. Most of the certifications that are offered by ISACA are known to be acknowledged worldwide. It provides a total of four certifications, out of which CISM is the most well-picked certification. This certification is considered to increase the opportunities of an individual to earn better and get wide job options. It is an ideal certification aimed mainly at information security managers. 

    CISM certification Importance

    This certification is perfect for any individuals wanting to expand their career in this field. It is also an incredible option for individuals wishing to hone their skills and knowledge. It enhances the skills of an individual in managing and designing the security system and assists you in protecting and keep the confidential data system of an industry safe. 

    The risk is equal for every information system that does not have good/proper security measures to protect the information security system. In such situations, a CISM certified expert is the most required since such individuals have a clear knowledge regarding the management of information security. They also have all the skills essential for designing and analyzing a proper security procedure for the industry. This is the major reason behind the necessity of such experts. Therefore, the demand for CISM certification has increased drastically in recent years. 

    Prerequisites of CISM®

    In order to obtain the CISM® certification, it is vital for individuals to fulfill a specific list of requirements. These requirements include the following:

    It is important to crack the exam to be able to obtain the certification. Besides, one must accumulate experience of around five years in the IS field. In addition, it is also crucial for an individual to complete a total of three years in any industry in the position of an information security manager. Lastly, one must also abide by the code of professional ethics formed by ISACA. There are other steps that must be followed by an individual to acquire the certification, such as:

    • Crack the CISM exam 
    • Follow the Code of Ethics
    • Gather the required CPEs
    • Validate the needed years of Infosec experience
    • Application submission

    The Code of Ethics

    It is important for any aspirant wishing to obtain ISACA certifications to follow the code of ethics issued by ISACA. The code is applicable to the applicant's personal as well as office life. There might be some disciplinary measures taken for the individuals that do not abide by it. 


    Certification Maintenance 

    Since CISM certification is not permanent and requires one to earn the required number of CPEs to keep the certification active, this helps the applicants to stay updated related to the latest upgrades and changes. It also assists in adapting to the continuous changes that go on in the information security industry. Therefore, it is required for one to obtain around 120 CPEs every three years. 



    CISM Exam Application

    The official web page of ISACA comprises of all the important information related to this certification exam. It includes the date of the exam schedule, latest additions, and the recent eligibility criteria of the exam. However, it is important to make an account first to access these kinds of information. Besides, making an account is very crucial to be able to apply for the exam. The registration cost is provided on the web page, which is visible after logging in to the web page. 

    Moreover, ISACA® also offers a choice available for student members, which is priced at around $51. However, qualifying for this certification, it is crucial for one to be a full-time student in the degrees of the prestigious universities and colleges.

    Advantages of the CISM® Certification

    According to the original web page of ISACA, there are over 32,000 individuals with this certification across the entire world. Besides, it is also known that the salary of individuals with CISM certification is quite higher than that of the uncertified experts. Moreover, the median salary of CISM certified experts is around $132,919. 

    The applicants with this certification are normally prioritized over the uncertified ones. Since this certification demonstrates the advanced knowledge and experience of an individual in this field. In order to obtain the CISM certification, it is required for any aspirant to undergo tough training, which proves their level of competency and determination. Thus, it enhances the value of the resume and helps one to gain an edge over the other candidates and competitors.


    The usage of IT systems has constantly been increasing across several industries in the world. Since communication is currently done through computers, mobiles, and other such instruments, however, since the network or connection is required for sending information from one device to another, it can result in the leak of information. So, the CISM certified individuals are wanted to keep the organization along with the workers same from any cybercrimes or threats.