MyWorldGo Application and Features of High Concentration Stirred Tank

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  • Golden Machinery as an excellent Mixing Tank Suppliers,provide excellent quality Mixing Tank .The Mixing Tank is also called the adjustment tank. The structure of the Mixing Tank is very similar to that of the flotation machine. It does not require the speed control. The load characteristics are similar to those of the flotation machine. The amount of the drag motor is less than 7 kilowatts and the squirrel cage type is selected. (JO). Starters generally use a magnetic starter with a thermal relay_ or an automatic switch.The high-intensity Mixing Tank is suitable for mixing and stirring of water, sand, and cement, and can also be used for stirring of other high-concentration slurry, and can be used by departments such as mines, chemicals, construction, and the like. It can also be used for slurry mixing in the chemical, metallurgical, and environmental protection industries. In particular, a large amount of tailings processing and backfilling operations generated in beneficiation production are mixed with cement mortar through Mixing Tankand then backfilled into working areas that are no longer used, such as mines and pits. It can reduce the pollution of tailings and reduce the tailings area and other issues.The main characteristic of the Mixing Tank is that the diameter of the propeller impeller is increased, the diameter of the circulating cylinder is larger than one third of the tank body, the number of holes and the hole diameter on the circulating cylinder are increased, and the circulating pulp volume of each hole is increased. The slurry flows from the feed pipe to the circulation drum. Under the action of the Mixing Tank, the slurry is sized and circulated, and the evenly mixed slurry flows from the overflow port.The stirring tank is to improve the design parameters of the propeller impeller, the diameter of the circulation cylinder, the number of openings in the circulation cylinder, and the hole diameter of the XB type stirring tank, so that the slurry circulation amount and the stirring power in the tank are improved. It is used for agitation of pulp with higher concentration, such as stirring after concentration, mixing and stirring of mortar. Main application: High concentration Mixing Tank is suitable for mixing and agitation of slurry with flocculation concentration up to 75% (by mass) and solid particle size no more than 10mm. Similarly, Golden Machinery is equally good as a flotation equipment factory.