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  • Posted On : Dec 11, 2020
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  • Description : For business or home safety, it is strongly recommended to use fireproof curtains.


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    Curtains and curtains are one of the most popular curtain treatment solutions for homeowners. They are timeless classic beauties that continue to attract the market and attract buyers with their grace, elegance, and luxury charm. One thing is certain, that is, curtains will never go wrong. Therefore, as long as you try to decide your own curtains at the end of wit, you can safely turn to curtains, and curtains rarely disappoint people. They injected the right amount of drama required for each window and room. You will like it a lot because the curtains have endless possibilities. There are unlimited designs, colors, patterns, prints, and textures to choose from, and the price range is very wide, which is unbeatable. For blinds and shades, your choices are still limited to a few colors and prints. From the generous velvet curtains and all the curtains in between, the curtains are really impressive.

    However, there is still a major problem with curtains, which is whether the curtains can easily catch fire. The curtains are made of fabric, silk, polyester, cotton, linen, or velvet, and they can easily catch fire. Moreover, they spread extremely fast, and in the event of a fire, they may cause adverse effects. It is pointed out that almost 50% of home fires are caused by certain fires. If there is the wind, the curtains can be windy everywhere, which is particularly dangerous, especially if the curtains are close to a table with lights or curtains. You must remember that the fire can catch fire without even touching the curtains, and the heat generated by the candle is enough to make it catch fire. With a little concentration, a big accident may happen to lurk around the corner. For this purpose, our qiansifang Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric cannot emphasize the needs of fire curtains and houses in general. This is still one of the priorities, but people continue to despise it. In the long run, fireproof curtains and curtains can save lives and property.

    Flame retardants can be defined as substances that help slow or prevent the spread of fire and reduce its strength. The use of flame retardants does not mean that the curtain will not catch fire, but it is less likely to catch fire. Fireproof curtains are considered an indispensable product in hotels, nursing homes, and schools. These hotels need to deal with many people. Any mishap can cause thousands of lives to die.

    Nursing home
    Some government regulations make flame-retardant curtains mandatory for nursing homes.

    For school
    In schools that also provide dorms for students, such curtains are necessary.

    For the hotel
    Hotels are part of the hotel industry that deals with people and many people live in different rooms. Fires can cause thousands of casualties and property damage worth millions of dollars. Management and authorities are responsible for taking measures to prevent disasters.

    For family use
    Contrary to belief, fire curtains do not lack style or elegance. From transparent to blackout curtain fabrics, you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and designs to blend with your decoration. They have the same functions as any conventional drape curtains, and besides being safe, they can also effortlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room.

    It is usually not considered to use fireproof curtains in the home, but you can choose one for the bedroom (especially for children). It is very hot in summer, where the sun is dazzling, and the glare reflected in the mirror often causes fires. This can cause sparks and fires in the Chaoyang room. Fire curtains can play a key role in controlling the intensity and extent of the damage. In addition, if your family members smoke, fire-resistant curtains may be a good choice.

    For business or home safety, it is strongly recommended to use fireproof curtains. Although these curtains are mandatory for hotels, schools, and nursing homes, the use of them in the home depends on your personal choice and safety needs. If they can save people, then they are more worth the money.