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  • Posted By : Maurice Pocai
  • Posted On : Dec 16, 2020
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  • Description : Fat Loss Trouble Shoot also includes a maintenance manual so that people understand what to do in order to keep the weight off once they lose it. This is another feature that is not found in other programs.


  • It is now almost a universally accepted fact that the Law of CitroBurn Review Attraction is a reality.Proven by quantum physics to be a measurable force and accepted by the scientific community as fact if not yet completely explainable.In essence the law states that like attracts like.Now the first thing you have to accept and believe is that you can have better than you have at present and you can have it for free merely by altering your thought patterns.

    Everything is there for the want of asking but, please be aware that what you ask for you will get. Therefore if you concentrate your mind on not wanting to be fat. All your mind will recognise is the state of wanting.Thus it will be translated as you wanting to be fat. So, fat will be delivered.Alter your thought pattern into the present tense and tell your subconscious mind that you ARE slim already. The mind will then eventually believe it and deliver no matter what you eat!

    The essence of all this is that you must think in the present and think positively that you already possess that which you desire.A good way to communicate the desired response is to repeat to your subconscious I AM GRATEFUL FOR BEING SLIM.Now, obviously it is difficult for the conscious mind to accept something it knows to be false, as something that is true.Experience teaches us however, that if a blatant lie is repeated to the subconscious mind often enough it will eventually accept it and start to act on it.