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  • Posted On : Feb 19, 2024
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  • Description : Passionate about guiding experiences in expansive settings like luxe ships? Set sail for Jaipur’s premier institute delivering focused advisory and training for dominating India’s cruise management domain.


  • India's booming hospitality sector keeps reaching new heights – especially in scenic Rajasthan. Aspiring managers aiming for 5-star ships or resorts seek colleges blending reputable curriculum with exposure to local traditions capturing global guests.

    For those drawn to glamorous seafaring stewardship or signature hospitality mastery, Auric World Hospitality Institute rises over Jaipur-based contenders as the elite cruise management college locally rooted with international vision.

    Discover 7 unique attributes defining their industry-advancing education:

    1. Specialized Cruise, Aviation and Club Management

    Beyond generalized hotel operations training, Auric's niche additional concentrations help graduates stand out as elite specialists able to excel in exclusive settings like luxury liners, private clubs and airport hospitality suites.

    Rotations across these facilities during intensive sessions reveal their unique rhythms and challenges. Tailored mentorship from veteran decision-makers extracts insider success secrets too.

    2. International Faculty

    Global connections start with diverse homegrown talent. Auric's teaching faculty hold credentials from and direct work expertise across 5 different countries spanning India, Canada, USA, UK and Switzerland.

    This worldwide perspective flows through training elevating traditional techniques with cross-applied innovations that maximize efficiency and guest satisfaction.

    3 Curated 5-Star Property Training

    No textbook lessons or dated case studies here. Auric students receive prized hands-on access to actively observe and demonstrate service skills within operational 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels and restaurants in Jaipur.

    Rotational assignments allow first-hand experience mastering the pace, detail and guest relations standards defining luxury. Facility partners include elite hotels like Radisson and Fortune alongside Oberoi group fine dining.

    4. Industry-Aligned Skills Labs

    Practice makes perfect as managers pilot check-ins, serve cuisine and handle complaints. Extensive proprietary labs on Auric’s Jaipur campuses immerse students in real-world simulations to nail competencies – not just cram concepts.

    Mock front desks, fully-equipped kitchens and model suites serve as training grounds to confidently execute tasks like mixing cocktails, arranging tea services, changing duvet covers to precise standards and managing reservations.

    5. Leadership Development

    Education extends beyond doing to directing others. So supplemental specialized academic departments exclusively concentrate on building leadership, entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence.

    Key focus areas include conflict resolution, coaching tactics, strategizing change adoption, financial analysis, pitching investors and more – amplifying graduate pay potential and promotion rates.

    6. Peak Employability

    Markets move fast. So relentless placement guidance starts early tailoring graduate profiles to current high-demand openings in India and overseas.

    From resume workshops to mock interviews and networking events with elite recruiters like Jet Airways, students benefit from individual career coaching charting trajectories to ultimate employer matches.

    7. Lifetime Knowledge Support

    Ever-advancing industry technologies, regulations and client preferences mean learning never halts at graduation. Auric institutes provide alumni continually upskill through refresher seminars, skill enhancement tutorials and access to career development ebooks and tools.

    Grads gain lifetime membership to the Auric community bolstering success for years to come.

    Chart Your Course to Managerial Greatness

    Passionate about guiding experiences in expansive settings like luxe ships? Set sail for Jaipur’s premier institute delivering focused advisory and training for dominating India’s cruise management domain.

    Apply to Auric World Hospitality Institute today and launch the global career you’ve been dreaming!