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  • Posted On : Dec 21, 2020
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  • Description : When providing fireproof curtains for enterprises, the quality of workmanship is of utmost importance.


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      When providing fireproof curtains for enterprises, the quality of workmanship is of utmost importance. If you want to run these curtains as required, they must meet strict regulations, which requires skilled hands and a focus on quality. In qiansifang, all of our products are designed, manufactured, and installed by our internal team. Through the entire process of internal processing and supply of fire curtains, we eliminate any errors in the manufacturing process and ensure that the performance of the final product fully meets expectations, matches the specifications provided by the customer, and reaches the highest quality and performance standards.

      Fireproof curtains for commercial and public buildings

      Qiansifang's fire curtains can be used in all commercial buildings and enterprises. They are suitable for public buildings, medical institutions, educational buildings, and entertainment venues. Generally, if a business is open to the public and has fabric curtains, a certain degree of fire protection is required by law. If you manage hotels, hostels, shops with changing rooms, bars, hospitals, schools, or theaters, we can design, build and install customized fire curtain systems for you that look great and comply with all legal performance regulations. Of course, in addition to meeting the legal requirements of fire prevention, you can also use it with confidence. If something unimaginable happens, you can prevent the spread of fire by installing, protecting important files and other damages to some extent.

      Compliant fire curtain

      Our fireproof curtains comply with all British regulations in terms of flame retardancy. Specifically, our fire curtains meet the requirements. This means that the materials used have passed a rigorous testing process. The flame-retardant fabric used was repeatedly washed in a high-temperature machine before being exposed to an open flame. This test ensures that any flame-retardant coating applied to the curtain material will maintain its resistance and integrity before and after multiple washes.

      The fire curtain regulations also ensure that when exposed to open flames, the edges of the curtain remain intact and do not provide a surface for flame acceleration. Part 2 of the regulation requires further inspection of unburned debris to fall from the material to prevent it from contributing to the spread of the fire. Finally, after exposing to open flame, check whether the fabric's heat retention level is unsafe. Our website is: