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  • Posted On : Jan 05, 2021
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  • Description : Normally a girl's vagina gets accustomed to the penis size of her single partner. If you are taking interest in a girl who has had several partners, then probably penis size comparison is inevitable and maybe size will matter to her.


  • If your partner has been having sex only with you and quite Stoneforce Review enjoys the act then the size of your penis will hardly matter to her. She may not even feel the need to figure out your size as you can give her all the pleasures in bed. As per observations made by researchers most women are satisfied with their partners size, however, it is their men who are unnecessarily worried about their size. Hey get over it guys, if your enjoying your sex life put your worries aside and think of new ways to make the most, of the size you are gifted with, in bed.

    There are numerous men who are still not aware that girls prefer nothing beyond what their vagina can take. If you try to insert something too big that is not able to find much space inside, then it can be hard for her. She may experience pain and may not want to try it again with you. 

    Women are usually scared to take a big and very thick penis in their vagina. Women are happy with a normal size, as they do not want to experience pain during the intercourse. After all, the very idea of going to bed with the man is to experience heavenly bliss and not pain. Also which woman would want her vagina split wide and hence prefer a normal size penis.