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  • Posted On : Jan 19, 2021
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  • Description : Today we will study why Xinshidai outdoor cooler cart is so popular in the market?
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  • Today we will study why Xinshidai outdoor cooler cart is so popular in the market?

    1. Larger capacity

    The cooler cart is designed for carrying, and it is light enough to carry it on your shoulders. However, its capacity is limited, and it is usually measured by the number of canned beverages it can hold.

    On the other hand, cooler cart has a larger storage capacity. It allows you to fill more things, not just a few canned drinks. The cooler cart is measured by volume, you can choose from various sizes according to your personal needs.

    2. More effective ice protection

    The heavy-duty rotary formed portable cooler cart is a breakthrough that can store beverages for a long time and produce low temperatures. They have gained an excellent reputation for ice preservation. This continues to make them popular with outdoor enthusiasts, because even if your adventure takes you to extremely hot areas, they can keep your essential food.

    Their innovative materials and pioneering engineering technology provide excellent thermal insulation properties, keeping the contents at low temperatures for longer than any other competitor. There are many models to choose from, from well-sealed lids to hard lids. In addition, cooler cart is now compatible with dry ice. This is important because it is known that dry ice has twice the cooling capacity per pound of wet ice.

    3. Durability

    The cooler cart is made of hard plastic and may malfunction. It is manufactured using a rotational molding or rotational molding process, which is a manufacturing technique that rotates the mold when plastic is injected. This can produce a more durable plastic that has a uniform density and therefore can provide better insulation. In fact, manufacturers are so confident in manufacturing quality that they are willing to provide a 10-year limited warranty for certain hard-surface radiators.

    We also provide customers with custom cooler carts, such as color pattern styles, etc. Please contact us if you need it.