MyWorldGo Precautions For Custom Chain Saw

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  • Posted On : Jan 21, 2021
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  • Description : When choosing a chain saw, we should first consider whether it is suitable.
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  • When choosing a chain saw, we should first consider whether it is suitable. What I mean by appropriate is that it should be comfortable to hold and use. Try a different saw and you will understand what I mean. The size of the handle and the spacing between the front and rear handles may vary greatly. The leaning posture is similar to the standing posture when cutting wood. Is the saw well balanced or too heavy forward? How does the saw feel when the saw is in vertical and horizontal positions? How about lifting it when cutting the top limbs? Are you moving too far or too far? Can you easily reach the trigger condition? You will be using this thing for several hours. Place many different saws so that you can tell the difference between good and bad. It is important that the saw is right for you. Put on some leather work gloves. Are your fingers completely wrapped around the handle? Can you use the throttle trigger while maintaining a good grip? Can you close it without releasing your hand? Can you prevent the tip from falling to the ground when the saw has completely cut through the limb?

    Is the saw too heavy or too far away from the balance point so that when you start cutting, you will drop the saw on your limbs because you have no strength to support it? Will fatigue be a problem? Can I keep the saw in front of the motor, or hold it too heavy, or the handle is too far away, and the motor must be placed close to the side when cutting? Early saws had steel handles that were bolted directly to the motor. After a few hours of use, if it is winter, your hands will usually become numb due to vibration and freeze due to the cold. Then someone thought of putting a rubber handle or pad on the steel handle. It is helpful for cold and vibration problems. Finally, someone thought of fixing the handle with a spring or rubber insulator to help reduce the vibration of the motor and chain. Shock absorption is the second largest innovation in modern saws after chain brakes. The shock absorber not only makes the chain saw more comfortable to use, but also makes the chain saw safer.

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