MyWorldGo Safety Operation Procedure of Hot Air Stenter

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  • Posted On : Dec 23, 2019
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  • Description : Safety Operation Procedure of Hot Air Stenter


  • 1. The gasifier of Hot Air Stenter Machine should be trained in professional safety. After the test is passed, the certificate can be ignited. Other unfamiliar and undocumented personnel shall not ignite casually. When entering the operation of the drying room, the gas must be completely shut down and exhausted. Personnel should be guarded in the drying room to prevent gas poisoning or explosion accidents. The gas heating furnace shall be equipped with a flame monitor and an automatic flameout alarm device. In particular, it is necessary to have an electrical safety interlocking device that first exhausts when igniting.

    2. The Hot Air Stenter Machine drying room is a closed device. In order to eliminate the accident that the door of the drying room is latched, the door of the drying door should be changed to a magnetic steel door closing device or a spring self-locking door. Device. According to the safety system, there must be guardianship when entering the drying room. There shall be a safety sign outside the door of the drying room for the entry of other personnel.

    3. The fabric turntable of Hot Air Stenter Machine entering and leaving the cloth should be equipped with a semi-circular topped safety shield and a cloth safety cover outside the drying room. In order to prevent the cloth handle from hooking the sleeves, the hand is brought into the machine; the turntable safety cover can prevent the cloth pin from breaking and the cloth iron suddenly flies out of the danger of injury. At the same time, it can also prevent the operator from reaching into the danger of the turntable to deal with the fault.

    4. The outer layer of Hot Air Stenter Machine drying room should be laid with good thermal insulation materials (such as asbestos, glass wool, perlite and silicate mineral wool), and keep the temperature of the surface of the insulation layer not exceeding 40 °C. In order to reduce the radiant heat in the workplace, it is beneficial to the operator's body heat dissipation and summer heatstroke cooling.

    5. The heating energy used by Hot Air Stenter Machine is steam, electric heat and gas. From the perspective of safety and health, electric heating should be used instead of gas and steam heating for qualified areas and units. In order to fundamentally eliminate poisoning and explosion accidents. Thanks for your reading, if you interested LiCeng(a professional printing machine manufacturer) Hot Air Stenter or flat screen printing machine, please contact us by check below link: