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  • The overwhelming number of gamers that Diablo 4 Gold suffer from this issue will be able to resolve it in just one click from the login screen. The game will recommend the server to play on but it's not necessarily the one with the characters of the player.

    To locate the server for the same character Click on the name of the server underneath the title logo. Then, select the appropriate region and server. When switching to this server, most players will see their existing characters facing them on the next screen.

    If you're not sure, the solution could be more difficult. If the two devices are on the same server but don't share the same user it's the log-in. All players have to be logged into on the same account for both devices to make use of cross-progression. Otherwise, it is treated as two distinct gamers with unique characters sharing the server.

    The issue usually is fixed promptly since the initial question is to determine whether there's another device in use. But, if this query was not answered, it's possible to fix it. Simply log in to the game using the correct account cheap Diablo IV Gold. Then navigate to the right server, as described above for synchronization.