Our next stop takes us to the eastern coast of Morytania

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  • This is only a tiny portion of the many activities you can accomplish at Archaeology Guild. You can also create a research team from famous characters that will help you when you aren't playing. You can begin to earn certifications in Archaeology by completing tasks that cover the entirety of the skills and can allow you to access even more things. Every dig site in the game is a mystery in its own right, so you can master them all.

    Map Expansion, Archaeology. Ah, Dig Sites, you say! Here is where your expertise really shows its teeth. It's not necessary to clean bones and other artifacts with small brushes all the time. Sometimes you just need to go through tombs, explore new areas, or make one last crusade.

    Let's go to Kharid-Et in the Kharidian Desert. Found near to the Duel Arena, this ancient fortress and stronghold once housed Zaros' armies and fell to the ongoing onslaught of Zamorakian forces during the God Wars. Although the site was previously believed to be lost to all Zarosian comrades, its director Dr. Nabnik (an unknown doctor) is more knowledgeable.

    Once you have completed your first level, you will unlock level 5 Archaeology and begin the journey to master this ability. Don't be concerned but this is not an excavation site just for students. In the vaults beneath you, you'll excavate Zarosian weapons and extravagant religious objects that are related to Zaros, and you will unearth scrolls of old-fashioned wisdom.

    Our next stop takes us to the eastern coast of Morytania. The present Morytania is dark and brimming with blood-sucking ghastly horrors. But, this region was once a stronghold of Saradominists. Their crown jewel was the Icyene settlement at Everlight. The Everlight was a massive lighthouse that lit up the coast and gave light to the Icyene who inhabited it at its heart, was the basis of its existence.

    Vanescula is the site's manager, and has given the player the task of extinguishing the excavation site, and then claiming the Everlight. It's one of the locations that unlocks at level 20. You'll be digging for Icyenic cultural items, gaining details about the New Dominion Games and learn about how these once-great set of islands fell. If you want to know more about can go https://www.rsgoldfast.com/

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Our next stop takes us to the eastern coast of Morytania