NBA 2K22 was born to commemorate seventy years of NBA

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  • That is not to say the game NBA 2K22 has stopped impressing outside of PS5 along with Xbox Series X. There have been some amazing announcements and updates that have an effect on veteran players. However, as was the case this year, the real leap in quality in the adventure lies in the advancements (not expansions) of the new generation consoles.

    Instead of simply providing better quality and faster loading speeds rather, make use of the massive technological and visual power of the game itself. To give you an example of this, every single one of the images in this review is extracted from the copy we have that comes with Xbox Series X.

    That said, once acclimated to the style and modified gameplay, which I are going to discuss in the next section the article, you're ready to enter the Pandora's box of NBA 2K22. The two most important pillars in the game: the addictive MyTEAM mode as well as the magnificently overhauled My Career. The two gaming experiences in which 2K Games once again revalidates its own ideas of how it can provide the best basketball experience possible in video games. Big words.

    NBA 2K22 was born to commemorate seventy years of NBA. This is not an event with themes or other elements, but putting every ounce of meat in terms of game modes and content. And simultaneously completely destroying us by taking advantage of the benefits of their licenses and giving them more force. The historical teams and players shine again thanks to their superstar modes and, of course that's not all. WNBA (the female division) comes out even more reinforced.

    Of obviously, giving an NBA 2K22 playable identity while keeping the same formula in place for more than two decades is perhaps the most difficult aspect of this new season. In the end, it's at an integral part of the overall basketball experience that Visual Concepts. If you want to know more about can go
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NBA 2K22 was born to commemorate seventy years of NBA