Epdm Extruders Can Improve The Quality Of Rubber Products

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    In order to adapt to a variety of different conditions of use, to obtain a variety of different properties, and to improve the performance of rubber products and reduce costs, different compounding agents must be added to the raw rubber. Mixing is a process in which the plasticized raw rubber is mixed with the compounding agent and placed in a rubber mixer, and the compounding agent is completely and uniformly dispersed in the raw rubber through mechanical mixing. Mixing is an important process in the production of rubber products. If the mixing is not uniform, the role of rubber and compounding agents cannot be fully exerted, affecting the performance of the product. The compound obtained after mixing is called compounded compound. It is a semi-finished material used to make various rubber products. It is commonly known as compound and is usually sold as a commodity. Buyers can use the compound to directly process and vulcanize the compound. Needed rubber products. According to the different formulations, there are a series of different grades and varieties with different properties, providing options.

    In the production process of rubber products, a epdm extruder or an extruder is used to make a variety of shapes and sizes in advance, which is called molding. The molding methods include: calendering is suitable for manufacturing simple sheet-like and plate-like products. It is a method of pressing the compounded rubber into a fixed shape and fixed size film through a calender, which is called calendering. Some rubber products (such as tires, tapes, hoses, etc.) use textile fiber materials that must be coated with a thin layer of glue (gluing the fiber is also called glue or rubbing), and the coating process is generally completed on the calender. Fibre materials need to be dried and dipped before calendering. The purpose of drying is to reduce the moisture content of the fiber material (to avoid water evaporation and foaming) and increase the temperature of the fiber material to ensure the quality of the calendering process. Dip is a necessary process before hanging glue, the purpose is to improve the binding performance of fiber material and rubber material.
    Extrusion molding is used for more complex rubber products, such as tire treads, rubber tubes, and wire surface rubber coating, which need to be manufactured by extrusion molding methods.

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Epdm Extruders Can Improve The Quality Of Rubber Products