How To Make A Bottle Label

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  • The labels of PET bottles are mostly shrink films, such as PVC film, OPS film, PET film, PETG film and so on. It mainly puts these shrink film labels on PET bottles, and then passes a hot air or steam channel to make the shrink film tightly shrink to the bottle. In the process of shrinking, of course, we must pay attention to the temperature of the hot air and steam that is shrinking. If the temperature is too low, the shrinkage will be uneven, and if the temperature is too high, the shrinking film will be broken.

    Bar code printing sticker (also known as bar code label printing paper) consists of three parts: backing paper, face paper, and adhesive as the two. The backing paper is dense and uniform in texture, and has good internal strength and transparency. Photometricity is a common material for making bar code labels. However, there are various types of bar code label paper, and the applicable scope of each type of label paper is also different.
    At present, the materials used for glass bottle labels are mainly mirror stickers, PVC stickers, fragile paper, copper plate stickers, kraft paper, and which material is selected mainly based on the characteristics of the product and the needs of the merchant. . If you want to buy labels suitable for glass bottles, you can consult the major vendors online to choose the right product. Here we recommend the Wulian Yuncang Material Mall for you. The mall has a large number of music analysis thermal paper and coated paper.
    Experienced people said that general paper labels are suitable for supermarket retail, clothing tags, logistics labels, product labels, railway tickets, pharmaceutical label product printing or barcode printing; synthetic paper and plastic labels are suitable for electronic parts, mobile phones, batteries, electrical products, Chemical products, outdoor advertising, automotive parts, textile printing or bar code printing; special labels are suitable for frozen fresh food, clean room, product tampering, high-temperature pseudo-label printing or bar code printing of brand-name products.

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How To Make A Bottle Label