Environmental Protection Of  Low Voltage Light Manufacturers

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  • There is also the use of led solar column headlamps to fully consider its use in rainy weather conditions. When it is rainy, you can use the extra backup power in the battery to provide lighting energy, but we still have to install it according to the installation. Depending on the place, select the spare days capacity selection. The stigma led solar lamp is designed to be backed up for 3-5 rainy days, so that at least 3 consecutive rainy days can be guaranteed to be illuminated at night.
    By midnight, there are basically no pedestrians, so the solar column headlight lighting time does not need to be that long, and its lighting time can be designed to be enough in 6 hours, but if the population used is relatively For dense points, you can design the time longer.
    Second, the use of low voltage light manufacturers
    1. Do not immerse in corrosive liquids, as this will damage the product.
    2. Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with a sharp object.
    3. Please place the solar panel upward in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.
    4. Non-professionals must not open the case to avoid danger.
    According to the introduction above, it can be known that solar column headlights will be installed in public places such as park residential districts or tourist attractions in various places. On the one hand, they are based on solar power lighting, and no additional energy is needed in the later stage, so they are relatively green. On the other hand, solar column headlights can also adjust the lighting time period. Users can change and set the time they want to illuminate according to actual needs. Therefore, solar column headlights still have great advantages in practicality.

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Environmental Protection Of Low Voltage Light Manufacturers