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  • yeah that's gum situation individual I get I get my I get three cards that's will be better than this no two cards the total war Network officially stands for purple vampires that taste like beets creepy forum admins and Darren turns or the Irish totalbiscuit who eventually got bought by a company you can't buy that's that specific sure the total war Network officially stands for the phallic symbolism of Lisa Simpson saxophone hawk so the hunter definitely being a virgin and the Harlem Globetrotters Matt dew and doritos racist teddy bears going on a picnic and the male gaze gladiator gamer fifty shades of grey and Amy Pond drowning in a real pond I'm gonna go with since Matt I kind of want to go with the Mountain Dew and Doritos one because that was a strong start but since we all got a laugh out of that I kind of want to go
  • 8/5/19 at 6:40 AM -
    8/31/19 at 5:20 PM
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    10012 Map
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