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It will display the screen of the guild

  • April 11, 2022
    To open the tab for guild Lost Ark Gold Press Alt+U, or select "Community" on the bottom right side of the map. You can then select "Guild" in the menu that pops up. It will display the screen of the guild. On first glance, it will show you all of the guilds which are seeking members. Guilds can have up to 30 members in each one when they first start.

    For forming a guild you'll need to have 2,000 silver. When you're on the Guild tab, scroll to the top of the page and click "Create Guild." Put in a guild name, some description, and after you click "Create Guild," your guild will be formed. When you're creating your guild, you'll need to keep "Add to Suggested Guilds ' List" enabled so that your guild will appear on the Suggested Guilds list. Members can then ask to join your group or join your guild instantly.

    Once the guild is established then you can organize it with the help of on the arrows at the top of the panel and choosing "Manage." In there, you can edit the flag, modify the name of your guild, change the guild leader, control the settings for joining, and much more.

    The current limit for guild buy Lost Ark Gold members is 30. Guilds have to meet objectives and then donate funds to the organization to move it up , thereby increasing the number of members a guild is able to have. The tab for Level Benefits will show players what the advantages are for each stage of the guild