The price gap between wood and coal columnar activated carbon

  • Carrie Ge
    December 2, 2020
    Columnar activated carbon is the mainstay of activated carbon products. The price controversy has always been quite big, because it contains wood charcoal and coal-based carbon. All the materials used for activated carbon can be processed into columnar carbon. Of course, its iodine value, The adsorption index impurity content and strength, etc., also include all of wood charcoal and coal-based charcoal, and even better, the use is also very wide, and the price is also uneven.

    The wooden columnar activated carbon has the function of combining physical adsorption and chemical decomposition. It can decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in the air. activated carbon for air purification It can also absorb various odors, especially the aromatic cyanogens that cause acne. ability. The wooden columnar activated carbon can quickly come into contact with harmful gases in the air, using its own pores to firmly absorb harmful gas molecules, making the air fresh and clean.

    Coal-based columnar activated carbon has large pores, strong adsorption capacity, and high strength. Because of the abundant raw materials, the price of coal-based columnar carbon is the lowest among activated carbon products with the same iodine value. For some industries with relatively low requirements, the use of wooden activated carbon is a little overkill. Bijing's columnar carbon has a relatively low price, so it can be more favored by customers.

    The price of wooden columnar carbon is higher than that of coal-based columnar carbon, because the raw materials are expensive, the production cost is relatively high, and the wooden columnar carbon has less impurity content, low ash content, high gas adsorption value, reasonable pore size distribution, fast adsorption speed and long service life , Suitable for air purification in homes, offices, cars, etc. with higher requirements.

    Although the price of coal-based columnar activated carbon has advantages, the adsorption capacity of coal-based columnar carbon with the same quality of iodine value is weaker. The ash content of coal-based columnar carbon will be more than that of wood, and the specific gravity is relatively large. In fact, it is not much more cost-effective than wooden columnar charcoal. In fact, it is not about the expensive and cheap, as long as it suits you, everyone still buys the right products according to their needs.