Characteristics and uses of brown corundum P sand

  • Carrie Ge
    Jan 12
    Customers who are familiar with brown corundum sand know that the grain size of brown corundum products is produced according to international standards and national standards, and can be processed according to user requirements. aluminium oxide Then the general grain size number of brown corundum sand is F4~F320, which is what we call F sand The chemical composition varies depending on the particle size.

    Brown fused alumina P sand is processed on the basis of the brown fused alumina F sand standard through further screening and washing. This kind of brown corundum P sand is not calcined at high temperature, and its shape is pointed, with high grinding ability and good self-sharpening.

    Specification of brown corundum P sand

    P grit size abrasives start with the English letter "P", plus Arabic numerals, the larger the value, the finer the abrasive size. The particle size markers are: p240, p280, p320, p360, p400, p500, p600, p800, p1000, p1200, p1500, p2000, p2500. Generally speaking, the larger the value, the finer the abrasive particle size.

    Brown corundum P sand is mainly used to coat abrasive tools. Its sand grains are shaped like acute-angle needles, the bulk density is relatively low, and its particle size distribution is relatively concentrated. Brown corundum F sand is used to consolidate abrasive tools. The shape of sand grains is granular or so-called gem-like, with high bulk density.

    Characteristics and uses of brown corundum P sand

    Brown corundum P sand is a pickling process added to the production process of brown corundum. hsl abrasive Using nitric acid or sulfuric acid to pickle the brown corundum, it can remove iron ions, unreacted metals, metal oxides and other impurities in the brown corundum. Reduce the iron content in brown corundum.

    The outstanding feature is that the crystal size is small and impact resistant, and the particles are mostly spherical particles due to processing and crushing by a self-grinding machine. Brown corundum P sand is mainly used in the polishing and grinding of high-grade precision workpieces, such as high-grade jade, high-grade ceramics, auto parts and other products with high value and extremely high requirements for polishing and grinding technology.