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Advantages Of The Strong Drive Home Elevator Lift

  • May 30, 2019
    Is household elevator safer to have a counter weight? Household href="">Elevator Lift without counter weight feel
    missing something. So don't feel safe, is this the case?
    Strong traction
    drive (no counter weight) household elevator working principle:
    The control
    panel receives the input signal, the control system accepts the command, and the
    traction machine rotates to drive the wire rope to elongate. The wire rope
    drives the car to move linearly along the guide rail to lift and lower the car
    and the cargo .
    Because there is no weight in the strong drive elevator, but
    forced by mechanical force, this is the biggest difference from the ordinary
    traction type household elevator. At the same time, it saves the space occupied
    by the counter weight in the hoistway. Calculated that in the same size
    hoistway, no counter weight can save about 25% of the area size compared with
    the counter weight. These saved areas can be designed. In the car, the car area
    is larger and can carry more people or goods.
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    Strong drive household elevator
    1, Hoistway saves space compared with the traditional elevator
    and the car area is maximized;
    2, Elevator structure is more simple and
    integrated with fewer parts;
    3, Elevator runs smooth and the noise is
    4, Elevator wire rope has excellent wear resistance and high service
    life; (the plastic coated steel wire is composed of steel wire rope and plastic
    coated material, the plastic coated material is wrapped outside the steel wire
    rope. The plastic coated steel wire has excellent Wear resistance and fatigue
    resistance, high service life, easy maintenance, elevators with plastic coated
    steel cables run smooth and comfortably.)
    5, Higher security, no safety
    hazards such as squats and spikes;
    6, Maintenance is simple in the later
    stage, and the maintenance cost is low.
    There are counter weight elevators
    and elevator safety systems without counter weights, safety gear speed limiters
    and so on. The effect on the weight is to reduce the power of the traction
    machine and balance the car coefficient.
    Why reduce the power of the traction
    machine? Part of it is to save electricity, and to improve the performance of
    the traction machine.
    Balance balance the car coefficient? Balance the car
    coefficient so that the elevator can run faster, and some hundreds of buildings
    need a fast speed elevator.
    For elevators with five floors and below, there
    is no need to compare elevator power and elevator speed, so the two are used the
    same. Household elevators have a clear regulation: the elevator speed cannot
    exceed 0.4m/s.
    The biggest difference between elevators with counter weights
    and no counter weights is that there is no space for counter weight elevators.
    It is a good choice for owners who have small private villas and are not
    equipped with elevators.