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"Hamas" opens a way to negotiate a ceasefire with Israel.

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    Hamas is ready to negotiate with Israel for a ceasefire. As Israel continues to attack targets in Gaza.

    Today (October 10, 2023), foreign news agencies reported that armed forces in Palestine A video has been released showing Hamas fighters practicing paragliding and attacking enemy territory. Including training to capture Israeli soldiers.

    A source close to Hamas said the group's fighters were trained in Gaza. Since the last conflict in 2021, there have been simulated locations in Israel to practice attacking troop movements.

    While Hamas released a video clip and stated that it was an image of an Israeli army tank that had been attacked. near the border with Gaza on October 7th. It was the first day that Hamas launched an attack and sent fighters into Israel.

    As for the battle situation Israel continued its air strikes against targets in Gaza overnight, with more than 690 people dead and more than 3,700 injured in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. while in Israel At least 900 people were killed and at least 2,600 injured.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hamas' actions mirrored those of the Islamic State group, warning that the airstrikes in Gaza were just the beginning. And Israel will use enormous force to deal with Hamas. It also states that Israel's response to the unprecedented attacks by Palestinian armed groups in Gaza. It will change the Middle East.

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