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Russia suspends imports of Japanese seafood.

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    Russia announces suspension of imports of Japanese seafood as a preventive measure. After the Japanese government released treated radioactive contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

    Russia's Animal and Health Surveillance Service said in a statement today (Oct. 16) that Russia has decided to take measures to temporarily restrict imports of fish and seafood products from Japan. Just like China had previously announced.

    The Russian Animal and Health Surveillance Agency also stated that the measures come into effect today. It will be enforced until it can be confirmed that Japanese seafood meets Russian and Eurasian Economic Union safety standards. which was the integration of various countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union

    Kyodo news agency reported that China has issued a blanket ban on seafood imports from Japan. Since the release of the first round of radioactively contaminated water

    Meanwhile, as of Sept. 22, Japan exported a total of 118 tons of seafood to Russia this year.

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