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Germany approves purchase of air defense system from Israel.

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    Xinhua news agency reported a release from the German Ministry of Defense which stated that The Budget Committee of the lower house of the German parliament (Bundestag) has approved the purchase of Israel's Arrow-3 air defense system.

    The committee approves a total of 4.4 billion euros for additional procurement and development programs for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). The budget will also be used for underwater drones for maritime patrol and encrypted communications equipment.

    Minister Boris Pistorius said Germany is investing in the defense capabilities of the country and its allies. This budget allocation is a clear sign of the changing times.

    The Arrow-3 air defense system It is a guided missile that can attack directly while still outside the atmosphere. The German military aims to have initial operational readiness by early 2025 and expand further in the years to come.

    By InfoQuest News Agency (20 Oct. '23)

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