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5 home exercise styles Help burn fat more efficiently.

  • I want a beautiful body. Fat also slotxo walletwants to burn But don't want to go to the gym or exercise outside the house Many feelings hit each other in the head. Until some days hardly exercise at all Today we would like to please young women. That wants to burn fat But likes to live attached to the house With a form of exercise at home This will help the fat to be burned more efficiently. Let's go and see what format there will be.

    1. Pushups
    Begin with pushups to put the girls in plank position, straightening both arms. With both hands placed as far as the shoulder Then continue with the lower body so that the back is in the same plane as the bottom Try to keep your abdomen straight and your arms as close to your body as possible, complete 10 times.

    2. Squash
    In the part of the squash. Start by standing and place your feet at the shoulder width or slightly wider. Continue down by crouching down, trying to lower your butt back. While crouching that Your knees don't go past your feet. Along with contracting the abdomen while crouching down As for the moment when lifting up, try to knead the bottom as well for 1 minute.

    3. Jump Slap
    When it comes to jumping and slapping, the girls should start by standing straight and feet close. Then jump with your hands on each other. While jumping on it Both legs should be spread out as much as the shoulders. Continue doing this for 30 seconds. This will not only help burn fat But also helps the heart beat more strongly

    4. Jump rope
    For jumping rope that girls should hold the rope tight and jump as usual. Which continuously skipping for about 10 minutes will result in the body burning the same calories as running 1.6 kilometers in 8 minutes

    5. Run or walk around the house.
    Running or walking around the house Or maybe change the atmosphere into an outdoor area or a park near the house. It's a form of exercise that doesn't just help burn fat But also positively affects the health of the body in many ways Both helping to improve mental health Help reduce anxiety And can help relieve depression symptoms It also helps to reduce blood fat levels. Lowering blood pressure And help reduce bone thinning or bone decay as well Which running or walking that exercise It is advisable to try to look straight ahead. Keep your head and body upright. The shoulders on both sides are level as well. Will help running or walking more efficiently

    How are you with 5 forms of exercise at home To help burn the fat of the girls Effectively Is there any form of exercise that is pleasing to women? Most together But let me tell you, all methods will definitely help burn fat efficiently. However, it requires discipline in exercising the girls as well. This post was edited by JIRAPORN NONNOILL at January 25, 2021 10:06 PM MST
      January 25, 2021 10:06 PM MST