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Can the Broncos make a good enough trade offe

  • The 2021 offseason is underway and the obvious top story up to this point is that Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson wants out of town.To buy more cheap Texans jerseys with cheap price, you can visit texans365 official website.


    Even with Matthew Stafford being traded from the Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams for Jared Goff and three picks, as well as Carson Wentz going from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts for two picks, Watson is still the one dominating headlines.


    In Peter King’s Monday column for NBC Sports, he takes a look at some possible trade scenarios for teams that could pursue Watson around the league, starting with the teams he believes could be the most aggressive.


    King also made an interesting note that is worth remembering and keeping at the forefront — teams are not allowed to include draft picks beyond 2023 as part of any trade at this point.It’s interesting that King includes Bolles as a possible young piece that would be going back to the Houston Texans, and obviously, that wouldn’t happen. Although a trade for Watson would undoubtedly bring the Texans a historic value in return, the Broncos (or any team) simply cannot cripple themselves by doing something like that in the process.


    In King’s article, he seems to think the most aggressive team for Watson will be the Carolina Panthers. His hypothetical trade involving Carolina included running back Christian McCaffrey, wide receiver Robby Anderson, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, two first-round picks, a second-round pick, and a third-round pick going back to Houston.


    Although that is a lot going back to Houston, is it a lot of real value?Houston would probably want McCaffrey as part of the deal, and Bridgewater could be a capable starter for them for a time. Robby Anderson’s inclusion in there seems odd, because Houston is so depleted right now defensively.


    If they were to trade Watson to the Panthers, Carolina would almost undoubtedly have to include Brian Burns and/or Jeremy Chinn, their two best young defensive players right now.Thinking about a trade with the Houston Texans, you have to put yourself in new general manager Nick Caserio’s shoes. Although Deshaun Watson’s frustrations run deep with the organization, it’s hard to understand his quarrel with Caserio, specifically. Caserio is a first-time general manager who has been working with the New England Patriots for a really long time, and just like new Broncos GM George Paton, he’s turned down a number of other jobs through the years before accepting this one.


      May 27, 2021 10:08 PM MDT