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When buying furniture

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  • The first issue of the "Home Decoration Avoidance Guide" written by my sister is about those things of electrical outlets (click to read). We all know that kitchen decoration should be done first plumbing and electrical, cabinet design after. With the rapid advances in technology, our kitchen "equipment" is also more and more. Take the kitchen sink, the original only plumbing and storage. Now there is a lot of equipment, such as garbage disposals, water purifiers, water heaters, etc. em... The fans also feel so complicated to furniture online uk

    The fan sister specially listed a few suggestions on the kitchen plumbing to avoid potholes. (A little more knowledge, you can collect first ~)

    Hood: open a good smoke pipe hole in advance on the ceiling, pre-buried smoke pipe; install a 10-amp three-hole socket, within 1 meter from the hood can be.

    Gas stove: Make holes in the countertop according to the size of the gas stove; install a 10A three-hole socket within 1 meter from the gas sofas for sale

    Induction cooktop: Make a hole in the countertop according to the size of the induction cooktop; install a 16A three-hole socket within 1 meter of the cooktop.

    In-line ovens/steamers/microwave ovens/coffee makers: Complete the cabinet reservation according to the product size; reserve one 16A three-hole power supply for the side cabinet of the appliance; use pure water for steamers, microwave ovens, and coffee makers to reduce water scaling; leave fixing strips on both sides of the in-line cabinet for installation with screws on both sides of the appliance; do not leave the back panel of the cabinet for in-line products to facilitate heat dissipation. The built-in product does not have a back panel to facilitate heat dissipation.

    Dishwasher: Pre-positioned according to the size of the product; water and power supply are left on the side of the machine, and the power supply is a three-hole, 10-amp plug; no back panel is left in the cabinet to facilitate heat beds for sale uk

    Washing machine/dryer/dryer cabinet: according to the size of the product to complete the installation location reserved; drainage holes need to stay on the side or rear of the machine, washing machine for the upper drainage, drainage pipe bend from the ground 30cm to 50cm is better, not directly placed on the ground; washing machine, dryer cabinet reserved 10 amp three-hole One socket, (washer-dryer reserved for 16 amp plug); closed room using exhaust dryer to leave the exhaust; dryer side cabinet reserved for 16 amp three-hole socket.

    Kitchen 20
    The bottom of the upper cabinet auxiliary lighting
    The kitchen is to wash, cut and fry vegetables. Install only the middle of a light, at night in the surrounding countertop operation completely blocked by their own shadow. The solution to countertop lighting shadows, you can install supplemental lighting under the upper cabinets.

    If the kitchen is not pre-wired in the cabinets can also add lights - hand sweep sensor lights, turn on and off the lights just sweep near the light sensor. In addition to the direct wiring, there are socket type, there are rechargeable, and even with dry batteries. With this light, you will find it much easier to cook at night.

    Kitchen 21
    The sink, of course, should also be spoken of. Undercounter sink is the best, a big hand, sewage flow.

    Kitchen 22
    If you choose to install a single sink, remember that it must be big, big, big! So wash dishes and pots and pans to wash the large pieces of cool ah! (Remember to match a draining rack ~)

    Faucet handle is best to use the back of the hand can solve the switch, save hands greasy bad touch, the larger the better, hand inconvenient when you can also use the arm switch.

    Pull-out faucet who uses who knows, cleaning the sink countertop more convenient. In addition, the sink's downpipe must be selected S pipe, to prevent the downpipe anti-odor.

    Kitchen 23
    Writing to the end, fans to remind everyone! Kitchen floor tiles to choose to be waterproof and non-slip, do not paste mosaic or uneven tiles, good-looking is good-looking, but Chinese kitchen fumes, uneven tiles and mosaic easy to hide dirt, kitchen hygiene to do up that is called a tired.

    Kitchen 24
    With a clean and comfortable kitchen, in order to happily cook for the family ah ~

    Well, today's "home improvement guide to avoiding pitfalls" kitchen chapter is here. Confined to the space, confined to the space, if fans still have questions, welcome to ask in the comments section! Fan sister must answer in detail ~
      December 13, 2021 10:33 AM MST