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Don't be ashamed of using sex toys

  • Many people have prejudice against sex toys, but in fact, sex toys are very common things. As long as they are willing or their partners are willing, using them is a good tool to add fun.

    You can certainly use sex toys

    First of all, I can tell you that sex toys can of course be used, and proper use of sex toy is beneficial to the body. Some people in life mistakenly believe that using sexual products is only for masturbation, which will hurt your partner's feelings and hurt yourself. body etc. In fact, the use of sex products has many benefits. In the case of mature physiological development and no sexual partner, the use of sexual products is a normal way to relieve sexual hunger and release sexual tension, which can provide sexual enjoyment, avoid bad sexual behavior, and reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

    The benefits of using sex toys

    If the couples use it together, it can increase the interest of sex life, close the partnership, increase mutual trust, and improve the quality of their sex life. People with strong sexual desire can release excess sexual energy to stabilize their relationship when their sexual partners cannot be satisfied. Menopausal women can maintain vaginal elasticity by using sexual products to avoid urinary incontinence and other diseases. For male impotence, female sexual frigidity patients can be induced or treated with sexual devices. If one of the spouses is sick or disabled or widowed and unable to have sex, sexual equipment is a tool for masturbation.

    Don't rely too much on toys

    Excessive reliance on appliances can lead to a gradual aversion to normal sex life. If you use sexual products frequently, or use sexual products too intensely, it is easy to cause vaginal genital damage, bleeding and infection. If young people use sex products too early, it is easy to produce a series of sequelae such as prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, and decreased libido.

    Don't use sexual products too often, so as not to cause the body's "sexual arousal" sensitivity to decrease, and sexual arousal will become more and more difficult. Long-term and frequent use of sexual products, some excessively pursue stimulation and pleasure and choose those strange sexual products, and long-term excessive sexual excitement and strong stimulation, resulting in the body has become accustomed to strong stimulation, but it is difficult to stimulate normal normal sexual life. To react, the stimulation must be more exaggerated and violent each time to make the human body excited.

    Please strengthen your self-control

    Please don't indulge in the strong stimulation of sexual products like g-spot vibrator, stop every moment, try your best to restrain yourself, and distract your attention from work or other life hobbies. Although sex products are used to make sex life more interesting, experts believe that people with normal sexual function and harmonious sexual life do not need to use sex products to obtain sexual satisfaction.

    To sum up, the use of sex toys is a normal behavior, but the frequency of use should be moderate, and the frequency of use of any item should be considered, so if there is a certain degree of sexual pressure or physiological needs, you can consider using sex toys to relieve it. But please don't over-rely on these sex toys.

      February 28, 2022 2:58 AM MST