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There are many precautions to follow when using sex toys

  • Nothing is completely safe and risk-free, not even your favorite sex toy. But that doesn't mean we need to throw away vibrators or dildos just because there's no guarantee that bad things won't happen. Understanding the risks and using that information to make smarter, safer decisions keeps you safe. It also makes it easier for you to use sex toys now and in the future.

    Don't share your sex toys

    Whether you can share sex toys with your partner depends on several factors, including the material of the sex toy, whether the sex toy is sterilized, whether it can be sterilized, and whether you or your partner are positive for a sexually transmitted infection (STI). positive. Some toys, such as dildos or sex toy for man, can be covered with condoms to ensure safer sharing. Whether materials and barriers provide protection often determines the risks of using a particular sex toy. Porous materials like jelly, rubber, and TPR/TPE can be washed, but never sterilized. Because of the risk of bacterial reproduction or sexually transmitted infections, this risk can never be completely eliminated from toys.

    Sex Toy Addiction and Desensitization

    Many people worry that they may become addicted to sex toys or, in the case of powerful vibrators, become insensitive to strong stimulation. While there may be a strong desire to use sex toys or large vibrators, addiction and desensitization remain strong and often inaccurate. In many cases, these concerns are based more on social and cultural expectations of what we "should" do. Society often tells us that we shouldn't "need" sex toys. A true addiction can have a huge and very negative impact on your life and lead to a dependency between you and the addiction. If you need sex toy for woman and can't live the life you want, consult a professional. As for insensitivity to other forms of pleasure, consider taking breaks or changing settings from time to time.

    Please use sex toys correctly

    While the material of a sex toy absolutely matters, there are also potential risks in how a sex toy is used. During your first anal experience, avoid oversized butt plugs. Pain does not have to be part of any penetration experience. With enough lubrication and patience, it won't. Playing too rough, sex toys too big, and too little lube can lead to rectal tears and vaginal pain. To reduce the risk of injury, start with smaller vibrator and work your way up. If you feel bad, don't force yourself to continue. Try something else or move slower.

    For the most part, sex toys are a fun, safe way to experience sexual pleasure alone or with a partner. But that doesn't mean it's completely risk-free. The material, size, shape and type of sex toy you choose has a big impact on your experience. Before using a toy, consider the risks and understand how the toy works so you have a safer experiencer.

      March 1, 2022 2:15 AM MST