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Sex toys made of safe materials can protect the body from harm

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  • Material is the core soul of a product. In addition to product safety, which is closely related to design and assembly technology, the selected material is the biggest element.

    Sexual appliances are the most personal toys, and reproductive organs are the most sensitive parts of the human body. Therefore, the safety of product materials is very important and deserves serious consideration by consumers. The safety standards of well-known brands in the industry are generally based on the safety standards of the "European Union", and the safety is relatively high. In addition to the safety of the materials selected for the product, different materials also affect the softness, hardness, stretch, temperature transmission, authenticity, durability, durability and other issues of the sex toy for man.

    General sex toys are usually made of main materials such as Rubber, Plastic, Silicone, Jelly, Metal, and Glass.

    All kinds of simulation toys are almost made of rubber. The characteristics of rubber toys are very elastic, soft and easy to bend. The right amount of deployment can create simulation toys that are close to real skin. Many world-renowned brands have invested a lot of money to develop their own patented synthetic registration materials, and the products produced are lifelike and better than real people. But the disadvantage of rubber products is that it has a porous structure and is difficult to clean. If the sex toy for woman you buy is counterfeit from some underground factories, you may feel uncomfortable during use, so be careful.

    Plastic is one of the most used materials, and it has many advantages, such as low cost and easy manufacturing. When we come into contact with plastic toys, the first feeling is that it is firm, cool, silky and shiny. It has entered the ranks of adult toys with the characteristics of metal, and it is smooth and unobstructed when used. General plastic toys will be equipped with oscillators. The sound it makes when activated is so exciting, you can't help but take it for yourself. But their vaginal and backcourt stimulation may not be as intense as you'd like because they're smooth. Plastic toys are mostly found in massage sticks or anal toy. When used with lubricating oil, the best effect can be exerted. Plastic toys are also a relatively small type of toys among many kinds of toys.

    In fact, there are far more types of materials for sex toys, and the experience of use will vary depending on the type, and the degree of safety is also different. It is recommended that you carefully check the material composition and related quality certification before purchasing to ensure your physical safety.

      March 2, 2022 2:30 AM MST