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How To Write A Strong Research Proposal | Thesis or Dissertation

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  • so i'm going to be showing and breaking down each of those sections for you and telling you what should be included in each of those parts so starting off with your title now when thinking about your title think about what keywords define your project if someone were to search for your work what keywords would they have to look for in order to identify your particular project how would you describe your research what are the terms that you need to include to be able to say right this is the work that i'm doing remember that this is the one section I would say that will definitely change the title that you propose in the beginning will be revised kind of changed as you go along depending on direction that your project takes in the end so if you know don't feel like it's the title that you're going to graduate with because it definitely isn't don't feel pressurized to develop the best title ever because like i said it's definitely going to change the second section is your abstract now your abstract.


    I have talked about quite a bit before the abstract is traditionally used to summarize your research talk about the content the research question and the method that you took and then the results and talk about the discussion but obviously in this case you're discussing a proposed research so you haven't actually done it yet so in this case the abstract is very short around 100 words and it's a statement that highlights the issue that you are concerned with and that you are going to be kind of discussing in this proposal so the third section is your research background now this is a bit like a literature review but a bit more concise than a traditional literature review this sets the context for the research proposal what literature are you basing this research on you should have done a lot of reading to understand where your work is going to fit into the field and that is where you're going to describe what that field is what information does the reader need to know to understand your field what information does the reader need to know to know i guess what gap there is in the literature the most important consideration here is trying to think about the current debates that are in the literature what is the current state of knowledge what do people say about your topic is there sort of one side that says this is happening and the other side's saying that's happening what is the stance that you are taking concerning the current debates in literature that is essentially what you are trying to summarize within the research.

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    Background this should be a really concise section where you're highlighting the top papers that are relevant for your topic don't underestimate the importance of this section you know you're submitting this to another expert in the field so they'll know what papers and what literature is the most important and they'll know whether you've done the most exhaustive reading or not the fourth section is your research questions now this is essentially defining what it is that you are seeking out with this research what are the central aims that run through your study like i said you need to really think about where your research fits into the field whether your questions are feasible have they been answered before if yes that's not an original study it needs to provide new information to the field a new sort of insight and new direction and new consideration you should really have one or two main questions and then sort of a couple of sub questions that feed into answering that main overarching question.

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    The next section and probably the most bulkiest and most important section is the research method or the methodology section and here you're actually defining your approach now you said what the issue is you said with the gap in knowledge you said what you want to like how you're going to do it now you need to define the methods how exactly are you planning on determining the answer to the question of your research you need to justify everything in this section why have you chosen quantitative over qualitative or why have you chosen a mixed method why have you chosen this cell type why have you chosen any method that you discussed you need to say why you've chosen it and really justify the choices that you made like i said i think this is probably the most weighty section and the section you should consider the most as it can determine the success of your project it's all well and good to say we don't understand how this thing happens if you don't have a method to back that up or a method that you know would actually work and it's feasible then your projects can't run so it's important to have considered the methods very very well you also want to consider any limitations.

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