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Be careful when using sex toys during special periods

  • Strictly speaking, sexual life should be prohibited during pregnancy. In addition to avoiding violent movements during sexual life that may cause miscarriage or premature birth, the main reason is that severe sex toy for woman sexual stimulation may induce uterine smooth muscle spasms, thereby induced miscarriage or premature birth. Under this premise, the risk of using sex toys is naturally much higher than usual.

    The existence of sex toys is to help both men and women solve their physiological needs. From another perspective, a long-lasting love is absolutely indispensable for the harmonious management of husband and wife life, and actively injecting interest into husband and wife life can make love fresher and more lasting. In the same way, we do not advocate the use of sex toys during pregnancy, especially toys such as vibrator that will quickly bring pleasure to people, which may affect the development of the fetus.

    During the first and last three months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to avoid sex as much as possible. They can have intercourse in the second trimester, and try not to use adult products. Pregnant women are not shy about using sex toys. In fact, the use of sex products by pregnant women may also cause inflammation of the private parts, which will affect the development of the fetus. Pregnancy B-ultrasound should be done well, more rest, proper calcium supplementation, supplemental nutrition and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, for the sake of safety, try to avoid using sex toys in the second and later stages of pregnancy.

    Sex toys will make people very excited when they are used normally. If they are used during pregnancy, it is undoubtedly very dangerous. If they harm the fetus, it will be too late to regret. After the baby is born, you can use dildo as much as you want.

      March 11, 2022 2:55 AM MST