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  • It is a Sports Toto game developed by the National Sports Promotion Corporation that predicts the outcome of a sporting event before the contest and pays out based on the results.Hits and misses do not happen by chance in Sports Toto; instead, you may forecast the outcomes by evaluating the team's strength, player list, recent form, recent head-to-head matches, home win rate, away win rate, and other factors, which can boost the hit percentage.There are two sorts of games in Sports Toto.


    Detailed Description of Toto / Proto

    A set refund rate approach and a fixed dividend rate technique are used in the 2001 sports promotion voting ticket.


    -Refund rate that is fixed According to the customer's individual voting amount, 'Toto' pays 50 percent of the overall sales of voting tickets every round as wins. I simply want to do it so much that I can't.

    It's not Toto, but if you look at a comparable competition, you'll notice that the refund rate is around 70%, which is too low when compared to that.

    Instead, if you win 14 games with a total of 1,000 points, you have a good probability of getting lucky.

    -There are two types of Toto games: a score-type game with points and runs, and a mixed-type game with the winner, rank, and scorer.


    Matching a certain circumstance or the final score of a given match. Matching the Euro 2020 winning team, for example.

    A 'proto' that calculates the odds for each game and awards prize money according on the amount multiplied by the amount voted.


    A record-based proto game is one in which players choose a desired match from a series of matches and anticipate whether the match will win or lose.


    Matchmaking - From the target matches, choose only some of the matches you desire.


    Match victory, draw, or defeat (Other categories include disability, under/over, and others.)


    Guess the score, winner, and other details of a given match.


    The proto-fight is the most popular sort of game by far, and the proto-fight is the precise embodiment of Sports Toto as we know it.

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