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Film Faced Plywood Prices Shuttering Plywood for Construction

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  • Film Faced Plywood Prices Shuttering Plywood for Construction

    Due to its durability film faced plywood is widely used in construction and building and vehicle industry for making transport equipment containers, loading platforms, truck and trailer floors and wagons. This material is also used for making furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas, beds etc.To get more news about commercial plywood, you can visit official website.

    Our factory have produced film faced plywood for over 10 years. Experienced workers and Fine Management lead to premium quality for global market.
    Yes. CNBM is the biggest company in China for building materials. CNBM belongs to China Central government with more than 110,000 employees and owns more than 400 factories in China to make a varity of building materials products in China. Revenue of CNBM in 2014 is more than 50 billion US dollars.
    How about the business of wood products in CNBM?

    Wood products is a kind of traditional building material and it has been widely used in decoration place, furniture and construction areas. From the bigginning of CNBM business, CNBM setted up factories to produce the wood products like as plywood, MDF board, flooring, sawn timber and so on. Till today, CNBM invested a lot of money to forestry land and build a sustainable wood supplying industry from planting trees to wood final products.
    What is the standard of wood products?

    If no request from customers, we will make orders as per our own standard in factory, which is equal to or better than China national standard. Of course, we can make as customer's request. In fact, many orders made by us is per the standard of EN, USA,JIS etc.

      July 20, 2022 9:37 PM MDT