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KeySmart™ Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light

  • KeySmart™ Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light

    The KeySmart Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light comes with a sliding barrel head that enables you to adjust the focus from a wide spill to a narrow spotlight. Its ergonomic design is made for one-handed use. The stainless steel pocket clip lets you attach the penlight to your pocket or bag for quick and easy access. The firm power button with a satisfying click makes it easy to activate without accidentally turning it on. It has a 3.28ft impact resistance that protects from minor falls. The LED light carries 120 lumens, producing a better-quality brightness.Get more news about Keysmart Torch,you can vist our website!
    A compact flashlight for your keychain! Its compact design allows you to easily attach it to your keychain, zipper or KeyaSmart. Simply rotate the knob to ignite the powerful light and brighten your night.image

    KeySmart is well-known for their innovative key holders, but lately it seems like they’ve been trying to branch out into other EDC products. To this effect, they’ve spanned an impressive lineup that now includes knives, backpacks, and yes…flashlights. Welcome to my turf, KeySmart, and let’s see how the Nano Torch Twist fares on the chopping block.

    Disclaimer: This is a review sample provided directly by KeySmart, free of charge and mine to keep. I have no other conflict of interest with the brand, and as always what follows are my honest thoughts.The NTT (Nano Torch Twist) is an interesting flashlight mainly because of it’s head: The head of the flashlight can swivel to form a right-angle flashlight. This definitely comes in handy when you’re working on something like a car, and to this effect, there’s a strong magnet in the tail cap that you can use to attach the flashlight to something while your hands are occupied. Overall, this is a practical, useful feature.

    But the clip is an awkward design decision. A clip is used for pocket-carry, and the NTT simply sticks out too much for that because of the clip’s awkward placement. So in what capacity would the clip be used? Well, according to KeySmart’s product video you would attach the flashlight to the strap of your backpack. This is such a forced, niche use-scenario that frankly, it’s almost laughable. I’m not sure what direction KeySmart was going here as everything else about the NTT – from the red safety ring, the magnetic tail cap, and the swivel head – screams “utility flashlight”. This seems like another case of a flashlight trying to be too many things at once, and with rather poor execution as a result.


    Let’s get the good stuff out of the way. The NTT comes with a rechargeable 14500 battery (which even has an integrated USB port) and can also run standard AA batteries at reduced output. Output is good, the cool-white beam is acceptable, and the user-interface is OK for the most part.

      July 27, 2022 9:06 PM MDT